Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Books downunder

I sometimes feel that when I'm posting about my books, that Australian readers get a bit of a raw deal. If I'm not careful I talk about when boks are out in the UK and when they appear in the Presents edition in America - and I tend not to say very much about the fact that they always come out in Australia in the month after their release in UK.

So in this post I'm remedying that a bit and I'm giving a special mention to all my wonderful Australian fans who are so supportive and buy and read my work - and many of them write and tell me how much they enjoy it too. Perhaps I should say G'day to all of you - and thank you! Special wave to Cindy, to Dawn, if you're reading - and to all the wonderful Aussie writers, Trish Morey, Annie West, Ally Blake, Nicola Marsh, Yvonne Lindsay, Anne Gracie, Marion Lennox . . . and I'm sure I've forgotten someone. And a hello to anyone I met when I visited the RWAus and RWNZ conferences - those memories are truly special to me.

I was thinking about my Aussie readers particularly because I've just seen the Australian M&B Sexy cover for my latest book Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife - and I was thrilled by it. The cover of the UK edition is nice enough and the upcoming Presents one is , of course, the same image in the circle on the front cover. But the Australian cover has a bigger expanse of the artwork and that was what made me really happy.

Because it shows how much the artist has taken the trouble to reproduce the scene from the book in the cover artwork. The hero and heroine were pretty well portrayed already, but now I can see that the room they are in is as I described it, that Alannah is wearing the right colour dress, if not exactly as I'd pictured it. And, most important of all, there is a huge bunch of roses on the chair. Those roses are important. They are a vital part of that scene and they can;t be seen on either of the other two covers. So I'm really happy to see them in all their glory on the Australian cover.

Another reason why I wanted to mention the Australian readers is that when I was browsing on the Mills & Boon Australia web site - which is where I spotted the cover of Spanish Billionaire, Innocent Wife, I also discovered something that I knew nothing about until now. And that is this reprint - The Price of Passion - in The Greek Collection. It's a reprint of my 2000 book, Constantine's Revenge (that book just keeps coming back and back) and it's in this reprint together with Lucy Monroe's The Greek Tycoon's Ultimatum.

So if you missed out on Constantine the first time round - or you want to replace a lost copy. Now's your chance. The Greek Collection is available on the M&B Australia site this month.

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2paw said...

Oh, is that me??? The Labradors and I are waving back!!! Do you know, that I never say 'G'day', in fact last weekend someone asked if I was English: so I think that means I talk a bit posh and proper like!!!!
I have your new book, SBIW, I always save till last the books of authors I really like. When I was a child I always ate the horrid vegetables first and saved the favoured ones till last as well!!! I am very excited to read that the cover matches the outline in the story, I will pay special attention.
We are into the first month of Autumn here, but we have just had record temperatures of 37*C, a bushfire just across the gorge from my house and there is snow forecast for Friday. We are a land apart indeed.
Happy Easter Kate!!!


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