Sunday, March 23, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white . . .

. . .Easter!

We have had very little snow this year, but this is what my garden looked like when I woke up this morning

Flora was not impressed. So she and Sir Sidney have decided to stay snugly inside and snooze next to the radiators.

And seeing as I haven't had a cat calendar this year, I thought I'd mark Easter Sunday with brand new portraits of Sir Sidney demonstrating the new windows.

And Mademoiselle Flora who was helping - sort of - with the filing.

Dylan, who doesn't care about the weather has disappeared into the snow and hasn't stayed around to have his picture taken.

Happy Easter!

PS And welcome to my first visitor from the 129th country on this blog. Now I know where Moldova is on the map.


Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pics, Kate. We also had snow but it had melted by the time we got back from the wedding rehearsal. (And I hope it stays that way.)

lidia said...

Great pictures Kate. Flora has a beautiful face!

Happy Easter!

Keefieboy said...

We had planned a walking trip to Cercedilla in the mountains today: but I looked at the weather forecast and it said 'snow'. Max temp 3 degrees C, min -4. We didn't go, simply because we don't have suitable clothing to cope with weather like that. It was bad enought here in Madrid: we had hail yesterday, and today when the sun disappeared behind the numerous clouds it was really cold. Anyway: did you build a snowperson?

Sandra Schwab said...

Happy Easter, Kate! The weather suits Flora: she looks like a sweet little snow imp. :)

Natasha said...

Snow! Can you *believe* it. We made snow men and came in to eat eggs. Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures Kate. We had a few inches of snow here in Dallas last week. The weather has been really strange. Shorts and T-shirts one day, snow the next.

Hope your MIL had a wondeful birthday and that you all had a Happy Easter.


Anne McAllister said...

I still have up my Christmas wreath on the wall by the front door -- and it actually looks seasonal. (I didn't take it down because it still looks lovely and fresh and I'm hating the thought of tossing it out when it's in such good shape -- maybe I'll just save it for next year!)

But yes, we had white stuff, too. And we haven't even got rid of the white stuff we've had since December 2nd. So the new stuff was a nice bit of frosting on the cake of the old dirty snow. Prettied things up a bit at least.

Lovely pics of my man Sid and Flora Flooziebelle. Sid's is particularly nice because it has that regal look to it -- the lord standing before his domain. And in his new window, too.

Happy Easter all!

Jan Jones said...

Oh, Flora is so cute. And as for Sir Sid in his brand, spanking new window - Wow!

And yes, my garden looked like that too.


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