Thursday, March 06, 2008

Great Minds Think Alike

Anyone reading this blog can't have missed that Anne McAllister is one of my great friends. In spite of the fact that she borrowed Hugh-in-a-towel so often on our visit to Australia and New Zealand that some people there tend to think that he's HER H-i-a-t. Which of course he is not.

But we share. Friends can do that.

In the same way that it now seems we are sharing another hero - after I showed her my inspiration for Santos she went off and did some more research and now her Sebastian has morphed into Santos (or the guy who inspired Santos). But he won't become a combination of the two - a Santostian - they'll be totally separate heroes and each will be distinctly an Anne McAllister hero and a Kate Walker hero.

But last month when I was talking about Anne's great current book, One Night Love Child, I forgot to mention the one hero we share and who always remains exactly and undeniably himself - a hero who along with Flynn Murray plays a very important part in the book. But he was not the Groom so I couldn't mention him in the posts when we were talking about Here Come the Grooms. This Alpha Hunk appears in several of Anne's books, he also appears a lot in my life (though he has had his nose put out of joint by a certain Flora the Floozie just lately.)

He is of course Sid the cat - sorry - Sid The Cat. The capital letters are important.

And Sid has a starring role in One Night Love Child. He is, he would say, the second lead. The First Cat as you might say. And Sid would like me to point out to you that this is another very good reason for buying Anne's book. He has had walk-on roles, even a small speaking role, in other books, including the book that started of Sara and Flynn's story way back in 2002 - The Great Montana Cowboy Auction. And he was very pleased to find that his starring role in One Night Love Child had not been edited out. He didn't expect that it would be because, of course he is the perfect Presents Cat - tall, dark and alpha - and very very handsome - just ask Flora. Sid is also very glad that Flora does not have a role in Anne's books (yet). He likes the fact that Elmer, Montana, is his own very special place where he can go without being followed (and bounced on) by pestiferous floozies.
He gets about in Elmer, he has lived in various houses in that town, but when Flynn goes back to find Sara after he finally receives her letter, he finds not only Sara but his five year old son - and Sid who is now living in Sara's house.
Sid hasn't yet appeared in one of my books. Perhaps I'm too close to him to portray him properly. Or my characters live in countries he's not sure he wants to visit . He's not keen on the heat and prefers to stay in the shade in summer, so he wasn't too sure about being sent to Spain to appear in Spanish Billionaire. Innocent Wife. But he's sort of considering he might like to branch out a bit, travel further afield.
I told him that if he was to make his home with Santos then he might end up being called El Sid. He liked the sound of that.

And those minds thinking alike? Well, when I got up this morning with this post in my head, I checked out Anne's Blog - and guess who's guest starring over there as well - along with Santostian?
El Sid himself. But then of course Anne has very good taste in cats as well as heroes.


Kate Hardy said...

El Sid.

Love it.

Now, why do I have a picture of Danny John-Jules as 'The Riviera Kid' in my head? (I know El Sid would be much more dignified)

Sandra Schwab said...

Hehe! I started reading ONE NIGHT LOVE CHILD (love it, love it, love it!) yesterday evening and I did wonder whether Sid the Cat-in-the-Book was modelled on the real-life Sid the Cat. :)

Anne McAllister said...

Sandra, is there any other Sid in Catdom? Of course not! Yes, that's El Sid himself.

I love the El Sid, Kate. Suits him. And since he's in Ireland now with Sara and Flynn, you might convince him that a holiday in Spain is right up his alley -- warmer and dryer, tell him! But he has to come back because Liam won't be able to do without him.

Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Hot post, Kate!!! WHEW!

And my cat Safflower is rubbing my legs and asking for Sid the Cat's mew number. :D

Wild wave!!!


El Sidney, ACOSB said...

Dear Fans (and Madam -- that would be you, Kate, my dear)

I appreciate all this attention (which is only my due) and I have requested my own postbox for the letters which will surely accumulate. I do not know if my dear Kate will be able to accommodate, but I am sure that if you send letters to her through her website or to my dear TLATP (that is, The Lady Across The Pond, aka Ms McAllister) that they will see to it that I receive them. They are most accommodating that way and, indeed, often take dictation so that I may communicate with my many fans.

Kind regards to all (and I would not turn down a two week stay in a Mediterranean villa, dear Kate, provided it was in winter and provided that young Liam could come visit).

Tu amigo para siempre (I am taking lessons en espanol, you see)
El Sidney


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