Friday, August 15, 2008

Tote Bag Full of Books 3

August 14th must be a good birthdate for romance writers because yesterday I missed mentioning my lovely friend Donna Alward whose birthday was also on the 14th.

But as today is the day that I'm featuring her book in the Tote Bag Contest, I hope she won't mind my belated- but heartfelt - Happy Birthday wishes. And I want to add some very special Congratulations to Donna for winning this year's Booksellers' Best Contest in the Traditional Category with her novel Hired by the Cowboy.
But the book that Donna has put into the Tote Bag this time is her very latest release Falling for Mr Dark and Dangerous. (She also put in a signed personal copy for me - thank you Donna! I can't wait to read it.)

A handsome stranger on her doorstep...

Tidy. Sensible. Safe. That's how Maggie Taylor wants things.
Until she opens the door of her tiny Mountain Haven Hotel to a tall, dark, and very dangerous stranger.
Nate Griffith offers a world of pleasure in his strong arms. But the lawman isn't looking for a peaceful retreat - he has a job to do.
It scares Maggie that Nate puts himself in the line of fire every day, and so she tries her hardest to resist him. But even a heart as closed off as Maggie's can't stay immune for long...

Falling for Mr Dark and Dangerous is out now in the UK and America.

Donna's next book is The Rancher's Runaway Princess which will be published in January 2009

The other title I'll tell you about today is one of two great historical novels there are in the Tote Bag this time. And this is another of the books I managed to cajole out of authors who were at the RNA Conference with me this year. Jan Jones was persuaded to part with a couple of copies of Stage by Stage and on the same afternoon I persuaded Carol Townend to hand over a couple of signed copies of The Novice Bride. (I love the cover on this one.)

Innocent bride, conquering husband.

As she is a novice, Lady Cecily of Fulford's knowledge of men is non-existent. But when tragic news bids her home immediately, her only means of escape from the convent is to brazenly offer herself to the enemy . . . as a bride!

With her fate now in the hands of her husband, Sir Adam Wymark, she battles to protect her family. Suspicion and betrayal are rife, yet their convenient marriage offers Cecily much more than comfort in her knight's arms. . .

Wessex weddings - Normans and Saxons, conflict and desire!

Carol's next book out is An Honourable Rogue, out in UK and America in September 2008

Don't forget you can find the details of how to win this fantastic collection of books in a Kate Walker tote bag by answering the simple questions in the Alcolar Family Contest on the Contest Page on my web site.

And as the attempt to set blogger to post while I was in SF didn't work and everyone lost a few days, I'm extending the contest time setting the closing date a bit later.

So you now have until
September 23rd to enter this great contest and win 8 wonderful books!

Don't forget I will post the prize to anywhere in the world (I must be mad - but I will) Good luck!


Carol Townend said...

Ooh, Donna's book, Mr Dark & Dangerous has given me serious title envy! Can't wait to get hold of it!
And, Kate, thank you so much for highlighting The Novice Bride today.
Best wishes

Donna Alward said...

Really Carol? LOL. It makes me giggle. :-) You do realize that I get cover envy with historicals quite often...

And Kate...I'm just pleased that I was able to send you something for your tote bag!

Dina said...

Hi Kate, just checking, even though I have already sent in my answers, the deadline has been extended til Sept. 23?


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