Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tote Bag Full of Books Contest

Drip. . .drip . . . drip . . .

It's supposed to be summer! It's AUGUST! It's supposed to be warm and dry and sunny . . .

But outside it's pouring down. And when I got back from my morning walk, my hair was soaked, so were my feet and socks, and water was dripping down my nose. And it was COLD.

Oh well, I'm still going to carry on running my 'Summer' Tote Bag Full of Books Contest. Even if it's raining - specially if it's raining - you can still curl up somewhere dry with a good book. And I have lots of good books for you to win.

And as a special message to Dina - yes this contest is open to absolutely everyone. I always promise to send the prize to absolutely anyone anywhere in the world - I must be mad but I do!

So here are the first two -
Stage By Stage by Jan Jones

Stage By Stage is about Beth (an English teacher and mother of two teenage children) whose husband leaves her after twenty-five years of marriage mainly because she is an English teacher and mother of two teenage children. In order to supplement her severely depleted income, Beth opens her Cambridge house to Bed & Breakfast visitors. Three of her guests are Cate - the young ASM-with-attitude of a touring musical theatre company, Seb - the newest actor in the company who happens to be staggeringly good-looking and with whom Beth's daughter Natalie immediately falls in love, and a character actor of about Beth's own age called Owen Pendragon...

As well as romantic comedy, Jan also writes Regency novels and her next book out will be Fair Deception published by Robert Hale Ltd and this is what Jan told me about it -

As the novel opens, Susanna Fair is employed as an actress at the Sans Pareil theatre in the Strand, London. Susanna is being opportuned (I just love Regency-speak) by the Dishonourable Rafe Warwick. Fortunately, heroic devil-may-care Kit Kydd is at hand...

Don't know yet when the book will be out, but you can read the first chapter on
my website.

The other book I want to tell you about today is
is Bought For the Frenchman’s Pleasure by Abby Green

As a top model, Sorcha Murphy can command a high price. But her fame hides a terrible secret from her past - one she has tried to put behind her, but which is about to return to haunt her...

omain de Valois knows Sorcha is damaged goods - her hedonistic reputation speaks for itself. But he needs and wants her for one final assignment, and he's prepared to pay...

So when Romain discovers that Sorcha hasn't changed her ways, he decides to change the deal...her pay-cheque will be recouped in the bedroom - as his mistress!

Abby has two new titles on sale around now, one in the UK and one in Presents.

The Mediterranean Billionaire’s Blackmail Bargain was a Mills & Boon Modern Romance in July 2008 and its still around on Amazon etc. And in September in Harlequin Presents is The Kouros Marriage Revenge.

Abby's web site is here.
Details of the contest and how to enter can be found on the contest page on my web site.
The closing date is August 18th


Donna Alward said...

I just finished Stage By Stage and loved it. Owen was Sooooo sexy. And the daughter Nats was so great.

Jan Jones said...

Thanks, Donna. Thanks, Kate. Aren't you both lovely!

Just for the record, Nats was absolutely not based on any teenager of my acquaintance.

Owen was all my own work too. Sigh.

Donna Alward said...

Oh Jan, they're always my own work. I like them better that way, lol!

Do you know though, that the whole time I was picturing Clive Owen in that role? Maybe it was the great capacity for cursing. LOL

Dina said...

Thanks Kate. :)


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