Saturday, June 20, 2009

September - not August

Ok so Amazon got their facts wrong and as a result, so did I.

On , they listed the upcoming publication date of my next book as August 21 and so that's the date I put on here and on my books page. As you 'll remember the way that the M&B Modern Romances are published is changing, with a new two week schedule coming up. Six of the books will be published on the first Friday of every month, and six more on the third Friday of each month.

So now, as well as knowing which month to look for a favourite author's books, readers need to be aware of the place in the schedule - first or third week - that that book appears. I'll always make sure that I give you the actual publication date just as soon as I know it. Or, rather, when I know I've got the right one.

Because Amazon was wrong when they listed August 21st as the publication date for Kept For Her Baby. The book is actually published on the first week in September date - ie September 4th. It was a good thing that I checked with my editor who confirmed this - and now apparently Amazon have changed the dates - they had everyone else's for that month on the wrong schedule too.

Oh well, I suppose it was to be expected that there would be a few teething problems with the new scheduling and everyone (authors included) will get used to it eventually

It's the same for American readers, though you've had the two week schedule - in a slightly different form - for a while now. There's the first week of publication when 8 books are published (2 of them UK Modern Heat titles) and then two weeks later there are the 4 extra books - Presents Extra, grouped in a themed collected. And that's where my American readers will find their copies of Kept For Her Baby - in the Presents Extra collection for October.

Clear as mud? Oh well I'll let you know when it's published - and as soon as I have the Presents cover I'll post it here too so you know what you're looking for.

One other thing - as I know a lot of writers aiming at publication with HM&B visit this blog - you should all be heading over to the I Heart Presents blog where there's an exciting announcement about the Harlequin Writing Competition 2009 that is just being launched.

And to go along with it there will be hints and advice from the editors to help you write your very best entry.

As you may remember last year Lynn Raye Harris won this contest and as a result her very first book Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge is coming in August. And Lynn is just one of the many fabulous authors who have given me prizes for my very special (and totally amazing) annual Tote Bag Full Of Books Contest which is coming up soon. This year's prizes really are fantastic. I'll tell you more about that soon - so watch this space!

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Olga said...

Thank you for clarifying about the publication date, and thank you for the tip about the competition!


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