Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Review

The Romantic Times reviews for the October books aren't up on the web site for a month or so but my lovely friend Holly Jacobs (thatk you Holly!) has sent me an early copy of their rebiew of Kept For Her Baby which I'm delighted to say has been given 4 stars.

And here's the review:

KEPT FOR HER BABY (4) by Kate Walker: Lucy did the unthinkable when she deserted her 2-month-old son and husband Ricardo seven months ago. Sneaking back to the island where her husband lives, Lucy just hopes for glimpse of her precious son. Instead she's confronted by her furious husband, who fumes that she trapped him into marriage by the oldest trick in the book and is a money-hungry, irresponsible mother. But will Ricardo continue with his plan to divorce Lucy, or will he want her again as his son's mother and his wife? Dramatic and emotional conflicts are the backdrop as Ricardo learns to trust his wife and Lucy learns to trust herself.
That's made my day.


Lacey Devlin said...

Oooo another must have. Soon I will have to build another bookcase. You're a bad influence on my book addiction Kate!

Olga said...

Congrats on 4 stars review, Kate, and well deserved!

Kate Walker said...

Sorry Lacey! I don't mean to be a bad influence - but I'll admit I'm grinning at the thought of you wanting my book - and your book addiction - I know that feeling. I suffer from it too!

Kate Walker said...

Thank you Olga - I hope you enjoy the book. Lovely tosee you here again.


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