Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Sunday afternoon and yesterday, a migraine kept me away from the keyboard so I had a rare opportunity/excuse for some concentrated reading. For the first time in ages I worked my way through three of the recently published Modern Romance titles, one after the other and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

What I loved about the experience was the way that each of these three titles was so typically a Modern Romance with the passion, sensuality, sophistication and emotional intensity that the line demands, and yet they were very clearly individual works by very different authors each with their own special voice and unique approach to the demands of the line.
First was Abby Green's Ruthlessly Bedded, Forcibly Wedded - with a vulnerable but spirited heroine and a hero who started out cold-bloodedly determined on revenge but then had to learn how wrong he was and gradually change his mind. Cara's confrontation with Vincenzo at the very public setting of the ballroom shows she's no pushover and his the journey of growth from avenger to lover was so clearly marked out - no miraculous 'conversion' at the end which made this so satisfying.
India Grey is still a 'newbie' author in the numbers of her books but with her RNA Romance Prize win she's already marked herself out as an author to watch and her latest release Spanish Aristocrat, Forced Bride will continue that reputation. Personally I've always loved a wounded and tormented hero and Tristan is certainly that. His icy cold facade is so obviously (to the reader) a shield put up to protect his more vulnerable self that the reader can't wait to see it shatter into a thousand pieces - which it does of course! And Lily's warmth and giving is a natural foil to Tristan's brutal control so that you just know she will eventually break through to him and teach him how to love.

Finally, a book that I'd been keeping for a personal treat and when I finally got to read it, it didn't disappoint. But then a romance by Michelle Reid never does. Marchese's Forgotten Bride is a reunion story with a twist - As the title reveals, the hero - Sandro - has lost all memory of his time with Cassie six years before. And so when they meet up again the past reaches out to grab him with a violence and shock that devastates him. I totally believed in Sandro's reasons for the way guilt had wiped the vital 6 weeks from his mind and taken all memory of Cassie with itWhat I loved about this book was the way that the feelings each had had for the other in the past were revealed as swiftly and urgently as they had done when they had first met so that the passionate relationship was once more - seemingly - back on track very fast. But there was one vital element of Sandro's past that hadn't yet been revealed and to have that brought to light just when it seemed that everything was going to fell into place had an impact that was all the more potent because of the reconciliation that had already been growing.
So if I couldn't work on my own book I had a lovely time reading these three great stories - books that reminded me yet again that no matter how many ill informed critics sneer and declare that romances are all the same, there are plenty of very distinct and individual and talented voices in the line-up. Voices that brought me to romance over 25 years ago and still keep me interested now.


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Kate. Hope the migraine is better. They are horrible things aren't they?

I'm dead excited today - I've booked myself on the Fishguard Writing Weekend course for Feb next year. Can't wait! Take care. Caroline x

Anonymous said...

HI Kate, Well I've read your latest - Kept For her Baby (Kleenex required at the ready), and Michelle Reid's and India Grey's and loved them all. Sigh. Now I just have to wait a few months for you all to have a new book out...!
x Abby

Anonymous said...

CarolC said...

Great post Kate. There is nothing like reading a presents you love, but to have three in a row is such a treat.

You've tempted me to take to my sickbed...


Kaz19 said...

Hi Kate

I completely agree, all 3 books are absolutley fantastic.

India has created the most delicious tortured Alpha male I have read in years, when he stepped out of his helicopter, I instantly fell into lust with him!

And what can I say about Abby's book? I adored every second of it, Cara was incredible, so brave and strong.

I just finished Michelle's book yesterday. I'm her biggest fan, she never ceases to surprise me in her writing, a beautiful book.

It only proves how talented each and every author is, to bring us such gorgeous stories. Your own Kept For Her Baby, is winging its way from Amazon as we speak. Can't wait.

xx Karen

I hug them every day.


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