Friday, August 27, 2010

Doncaster and New Voices

Yesterday I was in Doncaster for the workshop on writing for Mills & Boon at the library there.

The weather was cold and wet so that was perhaps why half the people who had signed up for the event didn't turn up. A pity, but that was their loss. The group who were there may only have been small but there were lovely - lively, interested and enthusiastic so I had a great time. Thanks to everyone who made the morning so enjoyable including the young man who had just had his GCSE results and braved a room full of women discussing sex scenes and condoms with great composure. I know it must have been enjoyable because we didn't finish until almost 45 minutes after the alloted time.

Thanks too to Sandra the Librarian who made me so welcome and dealt with all the practicalities. The supply of tea, coffee - and wickedly tempting millionaire's shortcake and flapjacks was lovely and the ones the Babe Magnet and I took home we thoroughly enjoyed.

This workshop was part of the run-up to the New Voices Contest which launched officially this week so don't forget that the dates to start uploading your entries start on September 6th which is only just over a week away.

Thank you to everyone who came to Doncaster - I see that Sally is already blogging about it if you want a report.
And good luck to everyone with your entries for the New Voices Contest.
I just want to thank everyone who has commented on the Conflict Q&A posts. I'm sorry that I haven't been keeping up with responding to your comments - life has been so hectic plus a couple of health problems that have meant I haven't kept up with anything much recently.
And I also haven't picked a winner for the name of my new monthly column - must get to that too. But this weekend I'm off to York with the Babe Magnet to celebrate a friend's special birthday. SO looking forward to it as Kathy is someone I met through Caerleon Writers' Holidays and many of the Caerleon gang will be there too - not sure if York and Bettys tearooms can handle this! We're also going on an evening Ghost Walk which I have always wanted to do.

So Does anyone remember which of my books opened in York, with my heroine being part of the Ghost Walk? Anyone who's been on my Fishguard course should know the answer to this.

Clue - it was republished as part of the Centenary Celebrations in 2008.
I have a couple of signed copies to give away to someone who guesses right - please DON'T leave the answer in the comments but send it to kate AT

Back on Monday - suitably spooked I hope


carolwarham said...

Have a great weekend. I found the Ghost Walk had me jumping out of my skin but falling about laughing at the same time. Hope the health problems are clearing up, go rest and enjoy and relax.

Quillers said...

I should say here that I learned a lot more yesterday than just how to gawp and go 'awww' over Hugh Jackman. But he did rather stop the show a bit!

It was a great workshop, Kate. I've written a proper report for my friend, Womag's, blog as I promised her. I will be sure to put a disclaimer stressing that my second hand information is nowhere near as good as your first hand knowledge!

Caroline said...

So glad you had a great workshop. Caroline x

Ally said...

I must have missed the Ghost Walk book.

Meg said...

Really enjoyed the workshop, Kate and found it so useful and inspiring.


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