Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kate's Corner and a contest

It's the 15th of the month so that means that it's my day for blogging in Kate's Corner over on We Write Romance.

Today I'm talking about the new cover designs and the changes that are happening in Harlequin Mills & Boon in the upcoming months. If you haven't seen the new designs then now's your chance - and they'll be out on the bookshop shelves next month.

And thinking of Kate's Corner reminds me. I've been asked to write another regular column on a great blog site, starting with the new year in 2011. Of course I've said yes.

But - and here's where I need your help - what should I call my column this time?

Heather at We Write Romance came up with Kate's Corner which I like a lot - but now I need another name for this regular column - so

I'd love it if you could suggest some possible ideas for the name of this new column
Walker's Warblings?
Kate's Crazies?
Queen's Queries?

I'm sure you can think of something much better.

How about posting your suggestion in the Comments section of the blog and I'll pick my favourite (s)

I can't guarantee that it will be the one that gets used but I will offer a prize to the winner
So - what are your ideas?

Oh - and my thanks to Marilyn who drew my attention to this good review of The Good Greek Wife? on The Good The Bad and The Unread
I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday Marilyn and hope that knee op goes smoothly and your'e soon up and about again
Thank you too to Lynne Connolly for the review


runner10 said...

Wondering Walker

runner10 said...

Wandering Walker

Lara said...

Kate's Boon

Laney4 said...

Be careful what you wish for!

Walker Author Talk
Date with Kate
Kate's Greats
Kate's Greats (and not so greats)
Kate's Slate
Kate's State of Mind
Straight Up with Kate
Kate's Debates
Kate's Dictates
Kate Relates
Kate's Updates
Kate's Ramblings
Kate's Nook
Kate's Retreat
Kate's Musings
Kate's Hideaway
Kate's Niche
Kate's Room
Kate's Thoughts
Kate's Ponderings

Congrats and good luck with the new column! You are one busy woman!

Carol said...

Kate's Ramblings

Kelly said...

Kate's Alcove

CCMacKenzie said...




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