Sunday, August 08, 2010

A Special Day

I have some more posts about Conflict coming up but I'm pretty busy today with something special to celebrate . Two special things really. Two special birthdays.

One I'm a bit late - a day late - with so I have to say sorry to my lovely 'twin' Holly Jacobs for that. Holly's birthday was yesterday. So Happy Birthday for yesterday Holly! I hope you had a very special day.

And today's birthday? Well that's really special - to me anyway.

Some years ago (quite a few of them!) in Leeds, West Yorkshire, a baby boy was born who was destined to become my own real life hero. I had to go to Aberystwyth in Wales to meet him, in spite of the fact that while he was growing up in Leeds, I was only 20 or so miles away in Halifax. But destiny knew what she was doing and it all worked out as a HEA in the end.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABE MAGNET and here's to many many more of them!

It doesn't seem right somehow to be talking about Conflict today though, so if you're looking for Conflict posts then come back tomorrow. We're off out into the sunshine for the day to celebrate. And then dinner tonight with The Offspring and his Lovely Girlfriend.

But on a small intriguing coincidence thought - Holly's birthday is August 8th, the Babe Magnet 's birthday is today - August 9th. And when I was at school my best friend then was born on August 8th too. There must be some special connection between me and these dates at this time of year.

So Josephine West - if you're out there - Happy Birthday too!


carolwarham said...

Happy birthday to the BM. Loved the photo, he obviously hasn't changed one jot.

susanwilson44 said...

Happy Birthday to the lovely Mr Wade. He was a joy to meet at the RNA conference and I can see why you've been married so long!

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy birthday to your DH! I hope he has a fabulous day!

And a very happy birthday to Holly for yesterday too!

Jan Jones said...

Happy Birthday to the BM!


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