Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blog Tour - reader or writer?

Today, by accident, I have two posts on the Big Blog Tour.  I was originally booked to post at The Book Bordello  with Xandra James - so that's where my post my readers can be found - and I'm givig away a signed copy of one of my backlist books there.

But then the lovely Serena Tatti who has a special blog in her Story Editor role asked me if I would write a guest post on some aspect of  the writing craft for her - and they've both ended up coming out on the same day - and - guess what - there's a backlist book giveaway there too!  But if you're a writer  then this is where my post on writing can be found.

So whether you're a reader or a writer, there is a post for you to read - or maybe you'll try both? If you do then please post a comment - so that Charlie will be so very happy as there  will be lots of names for him to pick a winner - two winners, one from each site -  from which means lots of cat treats to snarf.


Susie Medwell said...

Who can resist posting a comment when Charlie is looking at us like that?

Kate Walker said...

That is all part of his master plan Susie - he is like a real Presents hero - the Alpha male who knows how to switch on the charm when he needs to


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