Friday, November 18, 2011

2 Stops on the Blog Tour - A Date With Kate and SEEKERVILLE

This counts as part of the Big Blog Tour  but today is one of my regular guest blogs anyway -
A Date With Kate    is over on the Pink Heart Society  blog  as it always is on the third Friday of each month,

The third Friday of November? How did it get to that?  When I next do my Date With Kate post Christmas will almost be here . . . which is really what inspired today's post.

As it's part of the blog tour there is a giveaway - always supposing I can find Charlie! He owes me the pick of several prize winner names. These young apprentices, they're not quite so reliable  . . . .

And today I'm double booked because there is another Big Blog Tour Stop  over on a great blog site - Seekerville - this is a brand new blog to me so I'm looking forward to meeting lots of people here.  And I'm looking forward to seeing what I'm blogging about! I've written so  many posts in the last few days that I've forgotten which one is up there right now . . .I'm just going to see. . . and I need to sort out my time zones on this one.

PS Don't forget that the Big Blog Tour  - which is organised to celebrate the publication of The Return of The Stranger - still has a few more stops, a few more giveaways . . . and you can either start to join in the fun - or continue 'stalking' me to be in with a chance of a final prize at the end.

All the details are here on the Blog Tour Author Page - and some new dates and stops have been added coming up soon!   I'm not not sure how many stops there will have been in the end  - but I  think I've given away over 25 books!

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