Monday, November 07, 2011

Great Big Blog Tour Stop 15

 . .  .  And here's one I did earlier.

Luckily I prepared some posts for the Big Blog Tour ahead of time  and this one was easy - a great interview with interesting questions - so  today I'm visiting LoveCats Downunder - Charlie and Flora are coming along too.

And of course there's a giveaway  - both  Flora and Charlie are picking winners.
 See you there!


BiteMeAsh said...

Great post Kate!!

It's great to see Charlie doing so well.

L'Aussie said...

Hi Kate! I've been a big fan of yours ever since I read your 12 points on romance writing, so it's great to finally connect. I've just posted your author talk at RomanticFridayWriters today! Have a great blog tour. I'll catch it when I can. Your new book sounds awesome and I'm sure my local library will add it to their list of your books.

Thanks for taking the time to write a post for us at RFW! And to offer a free book...

I've followed you so I'll be able to keep up to date.



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