Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Busy busy

It's going to be a crazy couple of weeks  so if my blogging is a bit intermittent, that's why
I have  the Valentine's Day workshop in Brigg Lincolnshire  on - well, obviously  on Valentine's Day next week and then straight after that I'm travelling to Wales  for the Fishguard Writers' Weekend to teach Writing Romance for the wonderful residential weekend there. I love this weekend and am so looking forward to it.  We have a lot of fun, discuss writing, do some great writing exercises, drink a little wine . . .

And of course I have the small matter of a book to write myself. Health problems and family crises have interrupted my creative process viciously so I'm fighting to get back on track. I really think that the workshops and talking about writing and discussing the process will help with this so  if I'll be seeing you there, then you'll be  helping me as well as I'll be helping you!

And  - a special message for Maria for her comment  on my Tote Bags 'N' Blogs post on Sunday - you mentioned Girl About Town as the first M&B you found down the back of a sofa in 1975 -  and said you couldn't recall the author. Could  it be this one?

Don't you just love the diesmbodied heads and the 'sophisticated' hero  Sean  lighting up a cigarette - I mentione d that smoking was so much more common in thoese earlier books - I recall one where the hero was driving his sports car along some narrow, windy moutain road in Italy or somewhere  and he lit a cigarette as he drove along. And of course no one was wearing a seat belt then! 

Anyway, Maria if this is the book you remember - there is a single copy available on Amazon right now.

Oh - and  the 'oldie' of mine you mentioned - Bedded By The Greek Billionaire, that came out in 2008 and  sold out on the M&B site but is still available in ebook. It's also being reprinted in a Greek Affairs  collection coming up in May.


TashNz said...

Hi Kate... hahahaha that cover is very very funny! Cigarette smoking was considered quite sophisticated once upon a time I suppose... I wonder what would happen if it was written into a story these days hehehe.... I wish those heads had bodies... too weird hahahah :))

Rachael Thomas said...

Hi Kate,
Hope you have a productive few weeks, even if busy and I'm so looking forward to seeing you again in Fishguard.

Susie Medwell said...

Hi Kate, that cover made me smile - funny how things change! Must say, I prefer the Greek Affairs cover to the disembodied heads! I can't make the Brigg workshop, but I'm happy to say I've reserved a place on the Nottingham one in May, I'm really looking forward to meeting you and learning something :-)

Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

Kate - that's the very book. I remember the cover. I remember the plot vividly and I also remember I used to prise it out from down the back of the sofa very carefully and read it discreetly so my parents wouldn't catch on to what I was reading - I had a feeling they wouldn't be too happy about my reading it. I was rather fed up of reading books for younger readers and was ready for something a little more adventurous. As far as I can recall, it was a very traditional romance although poor Christina skated on very thin ice. Before Sean rescued her, of course!

PrincessFiona01 said...

Heheh. I have that one under the title 'Christina comes to town.' And without those seatbelts the guys were always driving fast. Which was very convenient for the car accidents which happened quite regularly and provided crisis points. I guess you have to do something to bring people back together when a surprise pregnancy isn't an option.

Radhika said...

Hi Kate . i am desperately hunting for this book Christina Comes To Town but unable to find an e copy on the net. Physical copy i am not sure can be delivered to India. has this book ever been reprinted by another name. though In India a TV soap is being aired with ditto copy of the novel name being ''Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.''.Where can i read it online. Why don't you work on it. it will be a big hit.
radhika INDIA


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