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Here Come the Grooms

It's that time of year again -  time for the 5th annual  Here Come the Grooms  Contest.

I love sharing this special contest with my greast friends - and great writers Anne McAllister and Liz Fielding. And I know that regular blog readers enjoy it too. You get to meet 3 great heroes from three great books - and get a chance to win a set of those three books for yourself.

Stop by any or all of our websites to get the contest information, but basically, if you were around last year or the year before or . . . you know the drill.
Each of our heroes asks one question. You can find the answers on our blog or in the excerpt to each hero’s particular book (on our websites). Send all three answers to each of us for THREE chances to win a copy of each other our books.
That means  that there will be three winners, each of whom will get three books.
So while I'm running workshops and travelling to Wales -  I'll introduce you to this year's Grooms.    I hope that when I  get a moment to ask him, Carlos - or  Diablo as he's  known - will come along and blog as well but - well, he's busy planning his wedding and changing  his Miss Jones' name to Mrs Ortega.

So - Carlos Diablo  is the Groom in my March release (April in Presents Extra and M&B Sexy in Australia)


Carlos Diablo Ortega -  who, ask he tells Martha - made his  fortune in 'horses and wine' -  he's a championship polo player and owns a hugely successful vineyard. He's also just discovered that he's not actually the son of the man he thought was his father - or the grandson of Javier Ortega.  And that has turned his life upside down.

Martha's rather different -  but her life has just been turned upside down too.

Martha Jones has never taken a risk in her whole life. Until the day she runs out on her wedding and succumbs to the magnetism of a man she has only just met! A man she knows only as Diablo.

Lone wolf Carlos Ortega won't promise Miss Jones more than one searing-hot night. Yet Carlos is shocked by Martha's sweet innocence. This runaway bride is a virgin, and it seems the repercussions of their sizzling encounter could last forever . . .

So what is  Carlos' question?
What is Martha wearing – and holding when he first sees her?

You'll find the answer in the extract on my web site.


Flirting With Italian US coverThat's the title of Liz's book  – which has just been short-listed for the Romance Novelists’ Association’s RoNA award this year!

Her Groom is Conte Matteo di Serrone, the owner of a great vineyard, a plant breeder who is working with the UN’s Food and Agriculture Office.

The lady in Matteo’s life is Sarah Gratton, a history teacher, who is picking up her life after her fiance falls for someone new and she finds herself working in an international school in Rome.

The blurb for Liz’s book says:
MatteoBag: packed. Flight: booked. Soon I’ll be in Rome and experiencing life in a foreign language! Watch this space…
Newly single Sarah Gratton is about to jump start her life and a just-for-fun romance with dark-eyed Matteo di Serrone could be just what the doctor ordered! This Italian count is ideal flirting material—if Sarah’s brave enough to make a move!
Well, she might not be—but luckily Matteo is! Matteo decides to keep this mysterious woman close—no hardship at all, given their spine-tingling awareness of each other and for a while it’s like something out of a fairy tale—until Sarah realizes she’s made the most rookie mistake of all: falling in love with her holiday fling….

Matteo’s question is:
 I asked Sarah if she’d found someone. Who was it?
Finally there is Anne McAllister's brand new novel - out at the same time as  The Devil and MIss Jones - that's March (UK) and April (USA  - Presents Extra)

Anne's Groom is Yiannis, the youngest of the Savas brothers and his heroine, Catriona MacLean. Yiannis and Cat have a bit of a history – or a lot of history, depending on which of them you ask.

According to the back cover:
YiannisYiannis Savas, the irresistible playboy of the Savas dynasty, was every girl’s dream. But he quickly turned into Cat’s nightmare when his idea of a relationship was no more than a fiery affair.
Now Cat MacLean has grown up and out of her girlish fantasies. Determined not to fall prey to smooth talk and fast charm again, she’d engaged to someone sensible.
Then she’s forced to spend a week with the one man she’s never been able to forget . . .

Yiannis's question is quite simple -  he wants to know
 Who’s Harry?
Yiannis, Carlos and Matteo would like you to check out their books. You can access them by clicking on the books tab at the top of each of our web pages and then find the individual book pages.

If you’d like to enter this year’s Here Come the Grooms! contest, read the blurbs/ the extracts  and/or our blogs and find the answers to the questions the grooms have asked  and send them to each of us . You send all 3 answers to each of us to complete your entry - that way you have three chnaces of be on of the three winners  of  three great books. (Let's hope your lucky number is  3!)

You can contact us via our blogs  or - for me -  using the email address at the borttom of the page. Put Here Come The Grooms in the subject line of your email so it will go into the right folder.

Don't forget that you need to collect up the answers to ALL 3 questions in order to enter

The contest is now open and it closes on Sadie Hawkins Day - or Leap Year Day - February 29th.

Good Luck!

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Maria from 'gaelikaa's diary' said...

Looks like a fabulous contest, but I won't enter this one. I've plenty to read, I already have Flirting with Italian and I'm planning to pick up my copy of The Devil and Miss Jones the second it becomes out over here which should be in another ten days or so. I couldn't bear waiting for it to arrive out here even if I was lucky enough to win it!


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