Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Writing Space

It's been a crazy week - again! This time the builders were working on both the kitchen and the bathroom . . . no water. no shower, no loo . . .   Not funny.
And there were men everywhere -  joiners building units, electricians putting in lights,  plumbers plumbing, tilers  tiling . . . so I rarely got a chance to get to my office, never mind blog.

But talking about my office - today I have an extra post over at the Pink Heart Society Blog  where I'm blogging about my home again - but about a very different  room this time - the place where I write - my workspace.

So if you want a change from the building site I've been living in- I know I do!  - if you visit the Pink Heart blog today you can see where I'm sitting as I write this and what my surroundings are like.

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