Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Janet Laurence's Winner!

I have a winner to announce  -  one lucky commenter has won a copy of Janet laurence's Deadly Inheritance.

And the winner  is -

Princess Fiona with her comment about Poirot -

But for purity of purpose, the one person who could never be swayed by anything but the truth, I would have to say Poirot. His simple statement "I do not approve of murder" may seem trite but it covers a philosophy that is proven in book after book that murder not only destroys the victim but the soul of the murderer.

Congratulations, Fiona - please send me your postal address so  I can send it on to Janet.   
Oh - and Janet asks me to tell you that Deadly Inheritance is now available on Kindle  so it's a quick and easy download  for anyone.

This is  a little late but I just received this great review for The Devil and Miss Jones from Julie at Cataromance so, as it made me feel like a winner too, I thought  I'd share with you -

Kate Walker continues to affirm her standing as one of category romance’s most talented stars with her sixtieth novel for Harlequin Presents: The Devil and Miss Jones.

Martha Jones has spent months planning her dream wedding. Having spared no expense to make all of her dreams a reality, Martha had been looking forward to walking down the aisle towards her Prince Charming and spending the rest of her life living happily ever after. However, Martha’s hopes and dreams were dashed by devastating lies and cruel deceit. Just moments before her ceremony, Martha had overheard her husband to be admitting to her bridesmaid that he was in love with her and that he was only marrying Martha for her money. With her pride in tatters and humiliated beyond belief, a broken-hearted Martha had decided to flee the ceremony and to seek sanctuary elsewhere. With no car or money, Martha had stood on the side of the road and hoped that a kind stranger would take pity on her and take her away from this nightmare. But Martha hadn’t anticipated that her knight errant would be a devilishly attractive man who called himself Diablo…
Tall, dark and handsome Diablo does not look like the sort of man Martha usually runs into in the streets of her small Yorkshire town. Even though she doesn’t know anything about him, Martha finds herself drawn to her enigmatic rescuer, and when she is taken to safety by Diablo, she finds herself acting on her attraction towards her brooding savior and giving in to the desire that sizzles between them. Martha is well aware that their night of love can never be repeated, but she is unable to resist Diablo’s tempting kisses and tantalizing caresses…

Carlos Ortega had learned from a very young age to keep his heart under lock and key. Used to giving emotions and relationships a very wide berth, Carlos had surprised himself when he had found himself stopping by the side of the road and giving a vulnerable Martha a lift back to safety. Passion had flared from the very first moment they laid eyes on one another, but Carlos has neither the time nor the inclination for a relationships. Many months had passed since that fateful night, but Carlos cannot forget the beautiful woman who had stolen his heart…

But when fate pushes the two of them together again, Carlos gets the shock of his life when Martha tells him about the repercussions of their night of passion…

Passionate, provocative and absolutely impossible to put down, The Devil and Miss Jones is another classic tale of searing emotions, powerful drama and heart-stopping romance by the consistently wonderful Kate Walker! Written straight from the heart and guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats, The Devil and Miss Jones is a spellbinding romance that pits a courageous and resilient heroine against a wickedly saturnine Alpha hero Harlequin Presents readers will simply adore.

A first-rate contemporary romance from a true mistress of the genre, The Devil and Miss Jones is the latest mesmerizing page-turner by Kate Walker

Thank you so much Julie!
If you missed The Devil and Miss Jones when it was out in the UK  in March or America in April - or even Australia in  the  Mothers' Day pack  - it's still availble on the M&B site in UK and Australia,  the Harlequin site, and of course in ebook form.


PrincessFiona01 said...

Thanks so much for the prize. I look forward to reading it. Must agree about the review for The Devil and Miss Jones. It's a classic style read with such feel good emotional sizzle. I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads because I just felt so darn good when I finished reading it.

marybelle said...



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