Friday, June 01, 2012

Miss me?

Sorry - a dead  internet connection will do that. I've been struggling to get any connection at all for the whole week and I'm still not sure if this post will actually load - but I'm going to try!

Luckily, today being June 1st and so the first Friday of the month, my regular Date With Kate  post for the Pink Heart Society  has already been uploaded  and is ready to read.  It's a while since I've done a craft post - so, with the Queen's Jubilee in mind, I've posted the noted from my 'How To Write A Royal Romance' workshop - with the 20P guide to writing this particular type of romance.

And whether you're Royal watching, or having a street party or simply enjoying the  weekend  - the long weekend here in the UK - I hope you have a great time.

Now - fingers crossed this will actually post.

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