Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Everybody loves kittens

When I'm busy at my desk, I sometimes need to take a break  - to think or plan something - and  those breaks give me a chance to indulge in a little kitten viewing.

No, we haven't adopted  a new kitten - I wish! - Flora and Charlie are  quite a handful as it is- but there are  virtual kittens - or rather a live stream of real kittens to be found here at Ripley's Kittens.  But be warned it's addictive!

I know it's addictive to cats too because when I had it on the screen and the mother cat was chirruping to her kittens, Flora heard and came leaping on the desk to see where the kittens were.  She started watching, then pressed her nose to the screen when one of the kittens came close.  Then she started patting them if they ran by her.

The problem is that now she's started looking under and behind my computer screen, looking for the kittens and I can't explain to her that they're not there!

I tried to take a photo of her 'playing' with the kittens but all I got was a big fluffy head in the way of the screen - so here's one or two  I took earlier. She was much younger then, and much smaller - and you'll have to imagine that  the racehorses she wants to play with  are  kittens!

Charlie never bothers to watch the TV  but Flora loves it. There is an advert for wild bird food for the garden where there is a long queue  of garden birds (computer generated images)  waiting for a table where the food is served - she loves that one and keeps trying to catch the birds!

PS If you want to help the  Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter  that is caring for Ripley's Kittens, you can vote for them in a contest to win a large grant to help them care for the cats they rescue - just scroll down the page where the livestream is to the link  - or look on the Animal  Rescue Site where the shelter vote can be found.


Jo Gilliver said...

Oh no! I know you need to refill the well and everything, but I think you've just given me another procrastination method :-)

Betty loves to watch TV, especially football and snooker. Basically anything with a green background and blobs skittering across it has her plonked right in front of the screen, transfixed. I think my brain has got used to filling in the cat-sized gap in whatever I happen to be watching.

Catherine said...

Smog loves to sit at the window twitching his tail and watching the wild birds at the feeder. When we were new to keeping a bird feeder we once found him curled up inside the grey wooden feeder box (which he matched perfectly) waiting. We now have the feeder much higher up and chicken wire to prevent him climbing the tree.
We find watching his reactions and the beautiful Stellar Jays equally entertaining!

Maria Perry Mohan said...

I got a new phone recently and it has this virtual cat called TALKING TOM, a cartoon cat, not a real one. My son, aged 9, adores it and I have trouble getting my phone back from him.


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