Thursday, January 24, 2013

Writing Article


Before Christmas I was contacted by  Sally Quilford who was planning  a  regular column on writing romantic stories in the writers' magazine Writers' Forum.

She asked me some probing questions about writing romantic fiction and how to get started.   The series - called Love Notes -  has just launched today in the current edition of Writers'  Forum with the article 7 Things you always wanted to ask about writing romance.

So if you're in the UK you can find the magazine in WH Smith or you can get more details from the website here.


Da Preenump said...


Jo Gilliver said...

Excellent - I was looking for an excuse to buy myself a magazine this week :-)

Caroline said...

Read it last night! Fab advice as always. Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Thanks Da Preenump

Kate Walker said...

Always glad to help you indulge a little, Jo! Hope you enjoyed it if you bought it - the article also mentioned the workshops at Caerleon and Fishguard - see you there soon!

Kate Walker said...

Thanks Caroline - I'm glad it was helpful. Of course you've heard a lot of my advice before - at Fishguard. But reminders always help, don't they?


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