Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Romantic Novelists' Association

The very first non Christmas post to arrive at this house between Christmas  and New Year was my brand new membership card for the Romantic Novelists' Association. It was  great to see all the meetings planned for the coming year  - from the January Industry Panel on Erotic Romance  to the Annual Conference in Sheffield in  July. I hope to be there.

I've always said that one of the best things an unpublished writer can do for learning their craft and working on their career is to get a place on the RNA's New Writers' Scheme  - if you can, because these 250 places are like gold dust!  Applications for  the NWS open at 12.02 am (UK time) on January 2nd. Applicants should e-mail the Membership Secretary AFTER that time to reserve a place on the New Writers Scheme. 

Today I have a post over on the RNA's blog for the 12 days of Christmas where I'm talking about one of my favourite personal ornanments on my own Christmas tree.  Regular Christmas visitors to this blog will recognise my now rather elderly little angel. Scary to think she's seen some 30 Christmases!


Maria Perry Mohan said...
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Maria Perry Mohan said...

It is certainly true - we don't feel the time passing by.

Catherine said...

Hi Kate
Your Christmas angel is lovely! Family memories of the good times together are treasures that never feel very old.
I received my advent contest prizes and want to thank you for giving me such an enjoyable way to start my pleasure reading in 2013.
What is is about female fantasy (mine) that makes even a simple comment made with a foreign accent seem so much more romantic? I have always fancied Greek romantic heroes like Angelos although my only real life Greek gentleman acquaintance is most memorable for throwing squid onto the sidewalk to tenderize them before cooking!

Carol Warham said...

Hi Kate
I managed to get onto the NWS so am over the moon.


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