Sunday, April 07, 2013

Tote Bags

Life! It never slows down, does it - but , well, I like to be busy and I can never say I'm bored.
And I manage to muddle through somehow.

Anyway, today is the first Sunday in  April and,as  I'm sure you'll remember, that means that it's the day for my regular Tote Bags 'n' Blogs  post - so here's where you'll find me today.

Now I have an interview to complete - and some parcels to pack . . .
And I thought the weekend was meant to be a day of relaxation!


Catherine said...

Hi Kate

I look forward to reading your new book A Throne For The Taking. Will it be a part of the May "Presents" issues in Canada? I hope so!

Kate Walker said...

Hi Catherine - A Throne for the Taking is officially in the June Presents line up - but it's publication day is May 21st. I hope you enjoy it


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