Monday, April 15, 2013


New book - new look!

Heather of HR Web Concepts has updated my web site with news, covers of the new book - and a brand new colour scheme . We'd had the red white and bronze colour scheme for  ?? years (can't actually remember how long!) so it was definitely time for a chage. 

So we've tweaked it as well as updating it - and added a new 'shout' line -  Emotionally  rich and passionately intense! (Many thanks to Virginia from Booked Solid with Virginia C who gave me this line as her description of my books  and who uses it for  the page where she reviews my books too.)

We had a strange moment - well, I did , where the changes didn't quite take and I was left with a half and half effect  with the new colour scheme at the top of the page and the old red and bronze colouring  on the rest of it, but I think that has all settled down again now and everywhere is refreshed and 'tweaked'! And there's a brand new banner for A Throne For the Taking as well.

So  - this is the new look now. I hope you like it.


Jane Lovering said...

Very smart! Love the tagline too.

Rachael Thomas said...

Looks great!

Mary Preston said...

It's lovely!!

Caroline said...

Looks fab, Kate. Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Hi Jane - glad you approve! And I tought the tagline was great which is why I asked it I could use it

Kate Walker said...

Thanks Rachael - I think so too

Kate Walker said...

I'm glad you like it Mary

Kate Walker said...

Thanks Caroline - everyone seems to like the new colouring


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