Sunday, February 02, 2014

Busy week

Well, I can't quite believe it's been a week since I updated this blog. But then it has been a busy week.
A very busy week. And, well, to be honest, the lovely news about  Rachael Thomas's first book was worth leaving up on its own for a while.

I've been working on a new  project - well, a couple of new projects.  And some new approaches to old ones.
First of all, there has been the working out of the plot of the  latest novel.. And that has involved a fight between two heroes. One, a Spaniard with a severe chip on his shoulder and a brooding resentment about the way that his  father's family have treated him - and the second a Sheikh who first appeared in my new book  A Question  of Honour  but has had a lot of growing up to do since then. They both wanted me to tell their stories and it hasn't been easy to decide which one to work on first. So I've made notes on  one - and started the story of the other . . .  Which one? Well that would be telling. Because I don't know whether I'll be able to continue  with the one I've chosen as the other is still demanding that I find him his heroine and give him his happy ever after . .  . watch this space.

What else? Well, I have the Advanced Romance Writing Course at the end of this month so I've been planning things for that - and looking at new ways of getting ideas across.  Of course, what I find works for this course will probably be used again in one of the other courses I'm teaching - like the ones in Weeton Hall in Leeds. That hasn't yet made it on to my Events page  but it should be detailed there very soon.
Actually, I thought I was going to have to say that the course  in May was already sold out as it filled up fast - almost as soon as it was announced. But I've talked with the organisers and we've decided we can add a few extra places if  anyone wants them.  We're trying to keep the classes small and informal so that people can do exactly as it says on the tine - Relax and Write -  but we can manage that and give a few more people the chance to join us. So booking is still open. Contact Malaga Workshops - Relax and Write  if you're interested.

Oh - and I need to add the details of the second course at Weetwood - coming up in October.  My web site designer is working on the updates right now so hopefully they should be up very soon.

Meanwhile I've  also been busy revising and updating  the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance - this is going to be republished in a new updated format, easily available in EBook form - I'll be announcing all the details soon so watch this space for this too.

Finally - for everyone who's been asking how  Ruby is settling in - well, the truth is that she's been rather unsettling things.  She came  into season  unexpectedly early  and created merry hell as a result. She kept throwing herself at Charlie who really didn't understand what all this fuss and excitement was about and he gave me rather panicked looks as if to say 'Get her off me! I don't know what she' wants!'.  Luckily things have all settled down again now  and the little madam is fast asleep in front of the fire. And you'd never know that she'd  been going round the house yelling at the top of her voice and molesting poor Charlie if he came anywhere near her!  She will have an appointment with the vet just as soon as we can arrange it.

But this is what peace and quiet looks like

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