Friday, February 07, 2014

Pink Hearts Day

Have you got used to the fact that the new year has dawned - and passed - and it's  a months (or more) since that happened . . ? In fact it's now February and the second month of 2014 has arrived!

I have to admit that I've struggled rather to realise that it is even 2014.  I've been so bus and preoccupied that I haven't noticed what days are going by - and how fast.

So that yesterday, when I finally got to the  end of the 'Things To Do List'  and thought |I could relax for a while, I  was rather shocked to realise that it was  the 6th Feb - which meant that the following day was 7th Feb - and the first Friday of the month.

Which,as you'll probably all know,  is the day that I regularly post a blog over on the Pink Hearts Society in my A Date With Kate Column

Cue minor panic - I needed a topic for a blog - and fast . . .

It was then, on a stroke of luck, that an email message appeared in my inbox - and when I opened it, there was  a nice idea for my new blog all ready and waiting.

So  - just squeezing in at the very last minute -  that's where I am today - blogging over on The Pink Hearts Society.

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