Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Tote Bags Day

It's tricky getting into a new routine.  Nearly two weeks ago, I wrote a blog in a rush, thinking that I had almost missed the date for my guest post on Tote Bags 'n' Blogs.

Then I hurried to post it, breathing a sigh of relief to know it was done . . .

Only to remember that I  no longer write my blog for Tote Bags on the first Sunday of the month, but on the 12th of each month!

Oh well - so the post was ready early instead of late  - and now it's up on Tote Bags today.

The worrying thing about looking at it again today is that I started that post  with the words: It’s been raining again – hmm, no,  I think that needs a little more emphasis  . . . It’s been raining again.

And well, the truth is that eleven days later - It’s been raining again – It’s been raining again.
I hope that everyone -  my friends, readers and fellow authors who are caught up in the floods and gales  - and some of you- in the snow! - can keep safe, warm and dry until the weather decides that perhaps it's finally time for Spring! 
For now, I'd settle for - not raining.

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