Monday, March 02, 2015

Another reason to smile

It isn't actually published yet - not on the bookshop shelves that is - but Olivero's Outrageous Proposal is on sale over on the Mills & Boon web site.

But only just.  So I was thrilled to see over  there that it's already at #3 in the top 10 bestsellers  as of this morning!

Another reason to smile! (I just realised that the official publication date is April 1st! I hope this isn't an April Fool.)

My sister is coming to visit for a few days so I might be otherwise occupied for a while   - so in case I forget or don't get to the computer (you know what sisters are like for talking!)  I'll just remind you that tomorrow is my day for posting over on the Pink Heart Society  when I'll be talking about another important member of my family and the important legacy of books and story-telling she left me.

Oh - and if you haven't got hold of a copy of the 3 in 1 By Request Secret Love-Child and you want one - Amazon UK has reduced it  from £5.99 to just £3.85 - and it's in the 3 paperbacks for £10 deal. This is the collection that has my Kept for Her Baby in it.

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