Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Eclipse Day

As I write this, here in the UK the eclipse of the sun is just beginning.  Luckily the sky was clear and bright and the sun vivid in the sky when I woke up so  the growing silence and a slight lessening of that brilliance is  already creeping over the world outside. And the birds are growing quieter too, after singing a wild dawn chorus earlier.

I remember that when there last was an eclipse of the sun,  I was up early because I was writing and I really wanted to get my book finished before the eclipse happened. I managed it -  just!  That book was the one that ended up being titled  Rafael’s Love-Child.
Yesterday I had a delivery of a box of books  - always a happy event  - but this one was something slightly different. For some time  now, since I  revised and put out the new Kindle ebook edition of  the 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance,  I've had people write and ask about a new paperback edition.  Yes, they say, the Kindle version is cheap and easy to get hold of  but  an actual  print copy is something  else.   You can mark it up, scribble in the margins, go to town with a highlighter to show the Important bits for you. And you can easily flip  back and forth to find what you need.

So, by popular request, I’ve  organised a new and updated  paperback edition of the 12 Point Guide  - and this is out now.  Please note, there isn't new material in  this book. It’s brought up to date with the names  and existence of some of the lines, etc by  changing names or removing the  details of the lines altogether but that’s all.   Oh, and I've managed to make sure that this new edition  is  a bit cheaper than the last edition –  so it’s  £9.99 instead of £10.99 – and it should be available more easily in America.   The details are up on  Amazon UK  and Hopefully B&N  and others will follow. And if it’s on the Book Depository it will be delivered free.  

Oh, and this edition has the great new cover – so that’s  the new one, like the Kindle.

As I’ve always said, this book is to help everyone who’s keen to learn about writing romance  but who can’t manage to get to one of my  workshops  here in the UK.  Which, reminds  me, I’ll have some more details about the workshops coming up  for the rest of the year. After the fabulous time I had at the Focus on Writing Romance Writing Retreat I enjoyed  last weekend, I’m really looking forward to those – Coming up,  Wales (Fishguard) Cirencester,  Derbyshire . . .  And some of those are already at least half booked up!

But for now I’m going to watch the eclipse – but without looking straight at it!

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