Sunday, December 17, 2017

A Special Treat and a giveaway to celebrate

Thank you so much to everyone for the get well wishes. I'm not sure who had the worst of it - but I do think that being ill first, and then needing to nurse the other through 'man flu' was a bit too much. ( And Natasha Oakley - I don't think there's anything very romantic about sharing boxes of tissues and hot lemon drinks - sending get well wishes to you too!) The worst bit was not being able to read!!😮😒
But at least that bit has receded now so I can treat myself to some recovery time with a very special treat. My Christmas present to myself is a brand new copy of a new novel by the wonderful Helen Bianchin.  It was a real joy to discover that she has a new title - Alexei's Passionate Revenge - out this month. When I first started trying to write romance, Helen's books were some of the ones I grabbed off the shelves as soon as I saw them - so I can't wait to lose myself in this story. It's been too long since there was a new book.
So - to share that delight and as part of my Christmas giveaway (belated) - if you could wish for a new book from a favourite writer who hasn't had a new book out recently - who would you pick to read ? I can't promise a new title by any favourites - but Charlie will pick a winner - or maybe two - to have a book giveaway this week. Post answers in the comments below and I'll get Charlie on the task of choosing.


Laney4 said...

I see it will be 7 years since Helen had a book published. Way too long, so I hope all is well in her world.
I too am a staunch reader of Helen's romances, having read at least 22 of her 60+ books to date (as I didn't start keeping track until 2009). (I have read at least 33 of YOUR books during that time span too.)
So ... in answer to your question, I guess I too would request the same book as you ... or one of your backlists that I haven't read yet, of course (although I doubt you have any I haven't read)!
Truly, I wish I could read another of Sandra Hyatt's books, but I have read (and kept) all of hers, long before her early departure from this world....

petite said...

I am glad to hear that you are well. It is not fun to have the flu or any virus. I had one for 3 weeks and was severely weakened. A book which I would treasure and enjoy greatly The Library at the Edge of the World. Wishing you happiness, enjoyment, great health and a wonderful holiday.


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