Wednesday, December 20, 2017

New Covers Reveal . . .

At last I can show you all the new covers for my January book - A Proposal to Secure His Vengeance. 

As you know, Harlequin Mills and Boon  are revamping the whole look of their  books  and  the covers have been radically redesigned - the same with Australia -   so I've been waiting until I could show you all three covers for my next title.

Here goes: 

The USA  cover stays the same - designers think that the long established white cover, red band and hero and heroine in a circle is iconic and will stay the same.

The new UK design - out January - is very different. What do you think?
BTW - my hero doesn't have  a beard - and he has jet black hair (see the USA cover!)

Finally - the new-design Australian cover

I think I like this one the best - what do you think?

 And the back cover 'blurb' is this:
Raoul Cardini will have his revenge! His preferred method? Ruthless, irresistible seduction!
Imogen O’Sullivan is horrified when charismatic tycoon Raoul breaks up her engagement and makes her his own convenient bride! She once surrendered everything to Raoul — body, heart and soul. But as he stalks back into her life it’s clear he has punishment in mind — not just passion. Can Imogen resist Raoul’s potent brand of delicious vengeance?

PS Don't forget that you can still enter the Christmas book giveaway - just leave a comment, telling me the most unusual Christmas gift you've given - or received.


Laura Vivanco said...

I agree: I like the Australian one best too. The hero's expression is more convincing, but I also prefer the font used for your name, and the see-through box with the writing in it is grey (I think) so it just darkens the photo, whereas the colour chosen for the UK see-through box makes the hero's shirt look a sickly green colour.

Julie said...

Merry Christmas, Kate!

I love the new covers, but I must admit to preferring the Australian versions - on the UK covers the author name is a tad too small for my liking. Most romance readers do tend to read by author, so I do wish that the author's name was emphasized more on the cover!


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