Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For Jan Jones

By special request because my friend Jan Jones wanted to see the lunacy that resulted when Flora had her first encounter with catnip over Christmas - here are some photos of the event.

Unfortunately I can't show a video of this otherwise you would see both cats (yes- Sid included ) totally losing all sense of dignity or decorum. They sniffed, ate, rolled in the stuff with total abandon and occasionally Cat Wars broke out when one snaffled a little bit too much of the other's stash.

A video would show this so much better - but these still photos are close enough - and daft enough.

Jan - enjoy.


Jan Jones said...

Oh, Kate, thank you! I'm so delighted to have proof that other people's felines are at times just as undignified as mine.

They both look utterly besotted with the stuff and adorable.

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

How cute is that? My Winston goes crazy over catnip. I also have a plant in the garden where his friends join him for a nip!


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