Friday, January 30, 2009

Writing Courses Coming Up

I just heard from the organisers of the Fishguard Writers' and Artists' Workshop Weekend about the people in my group for the workshop I'm running there and sending me their submissions for me to read for the one-to-one sessions. So now I'm looking forward to that.
I've also had several enquiries about the workshops I'm runnng this year so I thought it might be a good idea to remind people who are interested in writing and learning more about it just what I have coming up while there is still time for you to join me if you'd like to.

At the moment here are just two writing workshops planned for 2009 - but the year is young yet so there might be more, you never know. And these two are both in wonderful settings with lots of concentrated time to study - and enjoy yourself.

First of all there is the

Fishguard Writers' and Artists' Workshop Weekend
20th February - 22nd February 2009

I will be teaching The Novel course on this residential weekend. This course will not specifically concentrate on writing Romance but on writing book length fiction. Of course plenty of what I have to say will relate to writing romance but it will also cover much wider ground than just that.

Details and booking forms can be found here.

This course consists of six one hour workshops spread throughout the weekend, starting after dinner on the Friday evening up and going through until lunchtime on the Sunday.

Each guest will be sent a special questionnaire to answer to find out what you want to gain from ther course and what you feel you need most help with.

Although this course is a general one on The Novel, if the majority of the group are interested in writing romance/romantic fiction I will be able to deal with that in more details.

This is a superb, small, friendly and intimate event you’ll love from the time you arrive in Fishguard until the day that you have to leave. You can bring your partners for a leisurely weekend where they can enjoy the unspoilt walks - or just relax and soak up the ambient atmosphere that Pembrokeshire instils in its guests.

There’s nothing extra to pay - the organisers will even collect you from Fishguard or Haverfordwest Railway stations and return you there at the close of the event on Sunday afternoon. They’ll provide a choice of single, double, or twin roomed, all en-suite accommodation (even taking the trouble to guarantee that you’ll have a room next to your friends), and excellent full board plus (vegetarian choices) hospitality for the duration of your stay. Fully inclusive, the only extra expense will be in the bar during the weekend, or if you wish to purchase a book or souvenir from the Bookroom.

Save £10!!

If you want to join the Fishguard Writing Weekend for this course then adding my name next to yours on the booking form ( will give you a £10 discount on the cost of the weekend.

Any poets amongst you - the Babe Magnet will be teaching the Poetry Course at this weekend too. But unfortunately you can't sign up for both courses so you get one of us only.

Then in summer - July 25-31, 2009 I'll be at:

Writers’ Holiday at Caerleon

Once again I’ll be going back to one of my favourite places and taking part in the Writers’ Holiday at Caerleon 2009.
This year is a very special year as it marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of Caerleon Writers' Holidays by Anne and Gerry Hobbs who still host this - and the Fishguard event with their own inimitable warmth and generosity. I've always enjoyed every minute I've spent at Caerleon and this year promises to be no exception.

I will be teaching a five part course on The 12 Point Guide to Writing Romance. This one will speciifcally concentrate on Writing Romance.

And at this event as you can choose two courses throughout the week, you can have a chance to sign up for

Writing the Past
A new course for those wanting to write creatively from the past - biography, historical non-fiction, and fiction. Covers research, writing techniques and writing for publication.

This course is run by none other than the Babe Magnet wearing his Historian and Crime Writer hat as opposed to the poetic one for Fishguard.
Further details and booking forms can be found here

Other than the course leaders, main speakers include :

Iris Gower
Jane Wenham-Jones
Lucy Mangan
Katie Fforde
Teresa Chris
Zoe Sharp

I do have one more appearence coming up - hopefully in June -though this will not be a writing workshop. It's something invoved with where I grew up and one of my great interests. So I'm really looking forward to that. More details when I get them

And I just booked to go to the RWA National Conference in Washington in July too. It's going to be a busy year again.

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