Friday, January 16, 2009

Here Come the Grooms


Santos here. That's Santos Cordero from Kate's book Cordero's Forced Bride.

Forced, hmm? Well, I might have to have words with Kate's editor about that. I didn't exactly have to use force. A certain determined persuasion perhaps - but not force. I've never forced a woman in my life. And I certainly didn't plan to start with mi belleza Alexa.

I have finally managed to get to this blog while Kate is immersed in another book about another groom - this time the one about PJ Antonides - Antonides' Forbidden Wife by Anne McAllister. It's certainly holding her gripped so I have a chance to talk to you.

And no matter what one Nick Jago will tell you, it was no mistake on my part that my chosen bride 'did a runner' on our wedding day. If the truth be told that was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I took one look at her sister and knew she was the woman for me. Which is more than Senor Jago can claim to have done because he spent his first night with his Miranda without ever seeing her face.

Though I believe that she really can claim that - as they say 'the earth moved' that night.

Ah well, it seems that poor Nick has got his just deserts. Checking his child's head for nits, indeed! Something of a comedown for an Indiana Jones type like him. The things we'll do for love.

PJ now, he's a very different sort of guy - or so Kate tells me. A man who has turned his life around, moved from beach bum to head of Antonides Marine. But then that life is turned upside down - in a different sort of way from Nick's, but with much the same sort of whirlwind effect - by the unexpected arrival of the wife he hasn't seen in five years. Yes, that would throw you - I can see that.
I'm not sure how I'd handle something like that - so I'm waiting for Kate to tell me how PJ does it. I really do not know how you put a woman like Ally Maruyama out of your mind, even if he did marry her in another part of the world from where he is now. And I'd find it even harder to deal with the reasons why she's turned up in his life all over again.

Of course if you want to find out what happened to both these other grooms then you're going to have to buy - and read - the books so you can find out the full stories. Or of course you can enter the contest and hope to win one of three signed copies of each book that are on offer.

To do that you have to answer all the three questions and email your answers to Anne, to Kate and Liz. All three of them if you want three chances to win.

Each of them will pick a winner and that winner will get a copy of Cordero's Forced Bride, Antonides' Forbidden Wife and Wedded in a Whirlwind.
Here are the questions:

1. PJ left New York after he graduated from high school. Where did he go? (That's the other side of the world bit - where he found his 'forbidden wife')

2. Who was I (Santos) supposed to be marrying?

3. What scent did Nick (I can make the earth move for you) Jago recognise?

You'll find the answers in excerpt on their websites -- you'll find "contact" links there -- and you've got until January 21 to send in your answers.

Buena serte!

Oh - and if you read my book you'll find that it's dedicated to Helen. That's the lovely lady in Kate's Offspring's life. Apparently when she read it she wept over one bit. She has a soft heart. Perdon Helen - didn't mean to make you cry.


Nick said...

Hi Santos

I'm looking forward to getting together over a beer and catching up with the real story behind your -- and PJ's -- story. It seems we've all had quite a journey to the "light".

It gave me quite a jolt to read what you wrote about me checking "his" child's head, but you're right. Rosie has been with us from the beginning but Michael arrived out of the blue just a few days ago and already he is ours in every sense of the word.

The honeymoon might be temporarily "on hold", but life with Manda is a non-stop adventure. How does it go...

Da da-da da, da da-da, da da-da da...

P J Antonides said...

Checking his child's head for nits? The tough Nick Jago? Well, there's hope then, isn't there? He's human just like the rest of us. Go, Nick.

Anne is still uncovering the rubble around the office here, Santos. As soon as she does a thorough check I'm sure she'll find the book Kate sent and will read it and report. In the meantime, I fully understand your being delighted that the wrong girl "did a runner." Much easier when they see the light and realize you're more than they can handle!


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