Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Actually I've been back for a day or so but I've been trying to catch up on things - including sleep! You don't sleep much on a long weekend course when there are lots of great people to talk to, lots of writing to discuss and a little bit of wine to share while talking.

Not to mention the l-o-n-g drive back from Wales.

But it was worth it. It was a a great weekend. But then it always is in Fishguard - or Caerleon - any writing event run by Anne and Gerry Hobbs is always a warm, welcoming and happy time. And this one was specialy so,

Maybe it was because I had such a great group for my class - 16 lively, intelligent and interesting women all wanting to learn as much as they could about writing the novel and keen to join in in the classes, to make friends as a result, and to just enjoy the whole experience.

Or perhaps it was the addition (one totally unexpected) of two special friends to add extra warmth to the weeked. One, Chris, was on my romance writing course 2 years ago and she was visiting family in Haverfordwest so she came by for the Saturday night. The other was lovely fellow Presents writer Abby Green who wickedly convinced me that she was working so hard on revisions that, even though Fishguard is just across the Irish sea from Ireland, in fact the Rosslare ferry leaves from right below the hotel, she wouldn't be able to come and say Hi.

She lied! After totally deceiving me with texts that claimed to come from where she was supposed to be in Dublin where we had last seen her at the end of January, she was actually on the road to Fishguard and stunned and delighted the Magnet and I by suddenly appearing beside us as we were unpacking the car! What a real joy it was to have her company for the weekend as well. (Incidentally Abby's April Presents release, The French Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress, just earned 4.5 stars and a Top Pick from Romantic Times - congratulations Abby! )

Of course I could add in to the things that made the weekend great the amazing weather - the sun shone and it was actually warm enough to sit out side for coffee breaks and those on the artists' course took full advantage of that. The sea looked wonderful in the sunshine and the Magnet and I were able to appreciate that even more from our fabulous room which had a full balcony overlooking the bay. Not that we had too much time to enjoy it as we were talking, teaching and socialising most of the time.

And then there were other friends from past Fishguard or Caerleon events - special mention to Rachael, affectionately known as my 'stalker', having been to three of the course I've taught. (But then so has Johanna - and Kate and Sarah are coming up close behind!) And crime writers, Lesley Horton and Janet Laurence, new tutor Sophie King who taught the short story course . . . We had to tear ourselves away when Sunday afternoon finally came around.

But we'll be back again. I thought that we wouldn't be visiting Fishguard again for a while but Gerry took advantage of a mellow moment and booked me to teach there again next February - I'll be teaching the Modern Romance course there this time. Details will soon appear on the web site here.

While you're there take a look at the upcoming Caerleon Writers' Holiday where there are - just - a few places (a very few - about 3 I think) left to book. If you want one of those, you'll have to act fast!

So now that I've recovered from the lack of sleep and the travelling (my talk-hoarse voice might take a little while longer) I have to concentrate hard and focus on the latest book - and see if I can put into practice all I talked about at Fishguard.

But if anyone from my course this time is reading this, I just want to send a great big thank you to you all for making it such a special time - Rachael, Brenda, Jo, Kate, Siobhan, Sarah, Christine, Ann, new Granny Anne (have you seen those little twins yet?) , Christine, Vanda, Karen, Jess, Becks, Kirsty, Yvie and Mary.

Hope I'll see you all again soon.


Anonymous said...

Kate it was such a thrill to surprise you and the BM and to meet the gorgeous Chris at last. And that weather! Absolutely amazing, glad you got home safe and am sure you've inspired everyone on your course to write the great novel..!
xx Abby

Anonymous said...

Kate, It was so great seeing you again and meeting the equally gorgeous Abby Green in person at last. I hope you had a great trip home and have fully recovered.



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