Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hunting Bottle tops

. . . and wedding rings. And mascara . . .

For some days now I've been pretending that I'm not married.

Not willingly, but perforce - per Flora force.

You see I was foolish enough to take off my wedding ring at night last week. I had a rush of blood to my manicure brain cells and decided to anoint hands with a cream provided for that purpose. So I took off my wedding ring and placed it on the bedside cabinet.

Then I forgot to put it back on and went to sleep.

Bad mistake.

Flora the Floozie loves to come and sit on my head in the middle of the night. And when she sits on my head she also loves to play with anything that is on the bedside cabinet. She drinks from my glass of water (Luckily I've got wise to that now - I put a lid on it!) and she loves to bat things off the surface of the cabinet and on to the floor. She then chases them about the floor until she loses interest.

This, I assumed was what had happened to my wedding ring. When I went to sleep it was on the cabinet. When I woke up it wasn't.

So I started to hunt for it. I looked in all the usual places. (She has a special cache under the bookcase where she likes to store things). Not there.

Eventually I decided that the only thing left was to move the bed so that I could look underneath it. I found my wedding ring. I also found:

1 mascara wand
two socks (one mine, one the Magnet's)
1 lipstick

1 packet of mints
1 Packet of indigestion tablets
1 Earring (from the top of the bedside cabinet too)

1 bottle of nail varnish (ditto)
1 belt
and a dozen and a half assorted bottle tops

This is because Madame's favourite game downstairs is for me to take the top off a bottle of water or such and throw it on the floor so that she can chase it crazily and noisily about the room. They usually end up under the fridge
Or the settee

And now, I discover, under the bed. Along with half my cosmetics - well a girl has to make herself look beautiful!
And she looks so sweet and innocent. Sometimes.


Judy Croome | @judy_croome said...

Princess Flora gets a couple of cat awards from Theodora & Josephine.

Award 1: "Clever cat award" (for making the human slave hunt bottle tops and wedding rings)

Award 2: "Beautiful cat award" (for being simply gorgeous!)

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kate, love the picture of Princess Flora in the bag. Sir Winston does the same thing during the night. Glad you found your ring.

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Oh dear, Flora is certainly a floozie when it comes to losing your jewellery, Kate. And her drinking Dobbie did exactly the same and her little black nose was very much out of joint when I substituted my water glass for a water bottle instead. LOL, I just put a nice cup of Earl Grey on my desk and the scallyway went to take a sip of that too! Seems like what's mine is hers and what's hers I wouldn't touch with a barge pole.

Jan Jones said...

Could be worse, Kate. She could bat the water glass off the bedside cabinet and on to the floor.

Glad you found your ring.

PS - Archer likes to sleep on my head too.

PPS - word verification: blesse. You couldn't make it up, could you?

Sandra Schwab said...

*lol* Flora sounds like a great personal trainer, making you hunt bottle tops and moving the furniture. But I'm glad you found your wedding ring again! And those pictures are adorable!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful imp!

Though I must say that Fecklet has a thing about stealing my wedding ring too. Great minds...?

Kate Hardy said...

Flora the Magpie, hmm? (We also have to do a bed search. Usually for shoes.)

Glad you found your ring. I can imagine the hyperventilating that went on.

(And my word verification was presse - Jan, we're rhyming today)

Yvonne Lindsay said...

Jan, your water glass comment reminded me that Dobbie did exactly that to me one day (probably the action that hastened the water bottle replacement.) But the water didn't all go on the floor. Most of it poured into the telephone on the bedside cabinet. The phone that subsequently had to be binned. Cats. Love 'em. Really.


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