Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sexiest Thing on Two Legs

And for once it's not Hugh-in -A-Towel

Here's a Press Release from the UK's Romantic Novelists' Association. This should brighten everyone's Saturday . . . .

Romantic Novelists vote Richard Armitage Sexiest Thing On Two Legs

British actor Richard Armitage has leapt from last year’s 4th place to thisyear topping the ratings in the Romantic Novelists’ Association 2009Valentine’s poll, to take the title of Sexiest Thing on Two Legs, beating top Hollywood stars to the number one spot. Johnny Depp, who topped last year’s poll, was pushed firmly into second place, with Hugh Jackman and George Clooney mere also-rans.

“RichardArmitage took 20% of the vote, more than double the count of any other male on the list,” said the RNA pollster. “He was a clear winner from the off.”

The RNA is not alone in admiration of the actor, as numerous online RichardArmitage fan sites will testify. The ardency began with North and South,grew by leaps and bounds with the leather-clad baddie in Robin Hood, and shows no sign of diminishing as Spooks takes to the airwaves.

‘It’s a coup for Britain,’ said one starstruck writer, ‘not just for sexyRichard.’

According to romantic novelists, the sexiest male celebrities of 2009 are

1 Richard Armitage

2 Johnny Depp

3 Hugh Jackman

4 George Clooney

5 Daniel Craig

6 Sean Bean

7 Alan Rickman

8 David Tennant

9 Pierce Brosnan

10 Gerard Butler
And this makes me smile because, of course, the hero of my September book Kept For Her Baby is called Ricardo and looks like this.
Not that I would want to replace H-I-A-T of coourse - but it's nice to have options.
Now all I have to do is to convince Anne McAllister!


Jan Jones said...

Oh good, I was hoping you'd post Ricardo's pic again. Dunno why that one does it for me - it just does.

Ann Victor said...

1 2 5 6 & 7 (in no particualr order) have my vote!

but where's the delicious,yummy, super swoon-worthy Henry Cavill (from The Tudors)? He's currently top of my list (just pipping Daniel Craig)

Anne McAllister said...

Sorry, Kate. Not gonna happen. He doesn't work for me at all.

Given the 10 on the RNA list, I'd put all nine ahead of him -- and probably 100s of others besides.

Maybe he's compelling as an actor -- don't know because I haven't seen him. But in stills, he isn't my cup of tea.

But then, to each her own. And we do agree on Hugh-in-a-towel and Paul S.

Anonymous said...

This is my most romantic men in UK.
1. Richard Armitage
2. Sean Bean
3. Rupert Penry-Jones
4. John Simm

So yes I vote for sexy Richard :-)

Phillipa said...

Naturall, RA gets my vote. if it wasn't for him, I woulnd't have begun writing romance at all.

Noelle said...

There was a feature on Hugh Jackman in a Sunday supplement - and there he was in that towel again. At least now I know which film it's from. Must get Swordfish out of the DVD library! All I've ever seen him in is the Duke one with Meg Ryan, and X-Men. Oh, and his yellow towel. I hope they let him keep it after shooting.

Catherine said...

Johnny Depp is still number one for me. Perhaps his film Sweeney Todd has knocked him off the top spot temporarily with all that throat slashing, Yuk, but I was still glued to it because he was in it, swoon. Once he gets back into the boots of Captain Jack Sparrow, me hearties, he be number one again.

Stadt L√ľnen said...

Ummm... sorry folks - if there IS something SEXY on two legs (and is able to give the horrible clothes of the 70's a real cool touch - just like the leather jacket worn as the Sam-Tyler-character in Life on Mars) then it's the one and only Mr. John Simm. "An innocent face with evil eyes" - think he likes the description :-)

And, over it all: the man can sing and knows how to move! Love the session with New Order, joining them performing "Digital"! Not to forget about "Blue Monday" from "24 Hour Party People", playing Bernard Sumner.

Don't like most of the British actors, but Mr. Simm: I take my (imaginary) hat off to you!

Some gal from Germany


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