Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Spring . . .

So the Hecks are back

Well, at least one of them is. And judging by the size of it (her?) even after a long winter snoozing, there's the hope that there may be mini Hecks on the way. Certainly this hedghog was very interested in the leftover cat meat that was tempting it close to the doors again.

And Flora the Floozie was very interested in the prickly thing she met for the first time last year.

Now I need to keep my fingers crossed that some of last year's mini hecks survived to ecome Middle Hecks. Because this one definitely looks like Heck Magna


Caroline said...

Ahhh! I love Hedgies - They remind me of my dh - all prickly on the outside but soooo cute underneath - it's the nose and those little brown eyes that do it for me (the hedgie not dh!) I always get stressed when I see them late in the autumn after a warm blip in the weather when they should be hibernating - I have been known to yell at them "Go back to sleep! It's not time yet - we'll see you in the spring." Having seen your picture today I'll look forward to seeing my first hedgie of the year! Caroline

Jan Jones said...

Maybe she's coming out first to check it's safe for the family.

It isn't, by the way. We had sleet last night!

Anne McAllister said...

Ah, give my greetings to Mrs Heck, aka Heck Magna. She seems to have wintered over nicely. And it's lovely to see Flora being all respectful-like. A little hard-won maturity, I suspect.

Sleeting? Sid won't like that!


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