Saturday, March 14, 2009

Jokes and Winners

Thank you to everyone who posted a joke for Red Nose Day. I added £6 to my donation as a result. Did you see the amazing result - the event raised over £57 million! With more still to be counted as donations are still coming in.


I loved all the jokes - though I was surprised to spot 3 of my own favourite jokes already in there. Ray-Anne's writers'joke is mu favourite writers' joke ever. The penguins have always been a favourite of mine, and Cats' Meals on Wheels has too.

Jill, as I find golf every bit as boring as you do, your joke did translate well. Donna - I nearly snorted me tea over yours and Julie, yes the Magnet loved yours. (No doubt the farmer was saying 'Get orf my land!)

I really thought that Sid would choose the Meals on Wheels but when I put the names out and he had to pick he actually went straight for JILL's entry.

So Jill will you please email me and I will sort out your prize for you.

Thank you again to everyone who joined in.

1 comment:

Michele L. said...

Congrats Jill! Enjoy your prize!


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