Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hello from Wales

There are just a few more days of the Tote Bag Presents Special contest before all the questions have been asked and you'll need to get your answers in. The official closing date is July 31st but as I'll be travelling back from Wales then I've decided to give you - and me - a little extra time and so I'll accept entries over the weekend as well.

So if you get your entries to me - with Presents Tote Bag special in the subject line - by midnight on Sunday 2nd August I'll put your name into the prize draw for Sid to pick out a winner.

In the meantime I'm here in Wales having a wonderful time at Caerleon. As always, the courses are great, the food amazing and the company fabulous. The first evening we had agent Teresa Chris giving one of the main talks and last night lovely Katie Fforde had everyone laughing all the way through her talk. In a little while - together with the Babe Magnet - I will be part of a panel of authors answering questions from the audience and tomorrow I start teacing my Writing Romantic Fiction course for five sessions.

Which reminds me, several people comments on Jennie Lucas's post about writing courses and asked if I was doing any more here in Wales or anywhere else. Take a look at the Events page of my web site and you'll see that I have a couple of courses coming up - both weekend courses - one in Fishguard in February 2010 and one in Southampton in April. And only yesterday I was approached by another course organiser to see if I would conside running one in Kent. As and when that is decided I'll pass on the information to you.

But for now, the sun is shining, the Writers' Holiday is in full swing - and I'm going back to join in the fun.

Good luck with your answers to the Tote Bag Hunt!

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penney said...

Have a wonderful time there in Wales Kate I been there once years ago and loved it. We were looking for my 5 times great grand father's grave but we never found it all the old graves had almost the same name I think back then everyone was named Isaac Howard!
Have fun


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