Friday, July 10, 2009

Tote Bag of Books Presents Special - Melanie Milburne

Today's special guest and contributor to the Tote Bag of Books is Australian author for the Presents line - Melanie Milburne

There is nothing like a party! And what better thing to celebrate than Presents. I am almost embarrassed to admit how long I’ve been reading Presents novels. It seems a long time ago that I picked up my first one and so much has happened since. And of course the progression from reader to author is even more cause for celebration.

I have often wondered why so many romance readers aspire to be writers. Is there something about the genre that attracts potential writers, or do we as the result of years of reading romance ache to write our own?
I came to the genre as a young aspiring writer so I guess it seemed a natural thing to follow my dream via romance. I loved reading it and I knew I wanted to write it but other things seemed to get in the way. I wrote poetry and academic stuff for years however, before I wrote my first Harlequin manuscript. But once I started that first romance I felt compelled to continue. It was like an addiction. I could read as much romance as I liked as I was now writing it.

I know some people target romance as they think it’s somehow easier to get published, but you only have to ask those who have been trying for years on end to realise that is not the case. It takes great skill to write a heart-warming, emotionally gripping romance. And of course as a Harlequin Mills and Boon author you don’t just have to write one, you have to write many!

I think most people have a story in them. Storytelling after all is a part of human existence. We tell stories around the dinner table, over the water fountain at work, or the television does it for us, or the computer or books or magazines. Stories are everywhere- all it takes is memory, fact and imagination to get them on paper, or so Robert McKee says.
I love my life as a Harlequin author. Each day is a surprise as my characters reveal more of themselves to me and take me on their journey to happy ever after.
Happy reading ( and writing!) Melanie

Melanie's Treasure hunt question: What was the title of Melanie's first Presents novel?

The answer can be found on Melanie's web site here, together with all the news of her upcoming books, including the book she is giving away - the Mistresses By Blackmail trilogy and her August Presents release The Marcolini Marriage Blackmail
Don't forget - don't answer the questions here, collect up your answers and send them in at the end of the month by email with Tote Bag Presents Special in the subject line.

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