Friday, July 24, 2009

A quick wave from me!

I finally managed to snatch a few moments from dashing around - catching up with everything, unpacking from DC, washing laundry and repacking for Wales to come in here and say Hi .

It's been chaotic but I'm getting there and I think (hope) I'll be ready to leave on Sunday for Wales - and with the course prepared ready to teach.

But I just wanted to say a great big thank you to all the wonderful authors so far who have helped me keep this blog warm while I've been away - you've all been fabulous. And there are still more great posts to come.

And don't forget to collect up all those answers to the questions ready to get in your entries for the Tote Bag of Presents Books contest at the end of the month. Let's recap on the questions
so far:

I asked - What is the title of my next book - out in September in Mills and Boon Modern and in October in Presents Extra ?

Abby Green's question - Who is the well known author running a summer competition on her blogs, giving away lots of prizes to lucky readers?

Susan Stephens' question: What is the family name of the two sheikh brothers in the duo of which Sheikh Boss, Desert Nights is the first book

Melanie Milburne's question: What was the title of Melanie's first Presents novel?

Christina Hollis's question: What is the name of my JULY release under the ‘Presents’ banner.

Sabrina Philips's question is: What is the name of the Presents Extra mini-series The Desert King’s Bejewelled Bride will be part of?

Anne McAllister asked: What is the title of PJ's book -- the one that was the RITA finalist last week?
Margaret Mayo's question was : What 'landmark' book is Margaret celebrating with her next UK release?
Natalie Rivers asked: What was the title of Natalie's previous book, published in December 2008/Presents November 2008

Lynn Raye Harris's question was: what does Rebecca Layton do that shocks Alejandro de Ramirez once he’s told her he’ll demolish her favorite hotel before ever selling it back to her ? (And don't forget that Lynn's very first book is out in the shops now!)

Jennie Lucas asked: What is the handsome stranger wearing when he surprises Lia in the garden?

That's 11 of the questions - don't forget to collect up the answers, keep them safe and then when you have all 15 answers, send them to me with Tote Bag Presents Special in the subject line.

And there are four more wonderful authors coming up with their books and their questions, so keep visiting the blog to find those.

And with luck I might be able to visit a little bit now, when I have a moment in Wales!
PS don't forget that anyone - from anywhere in the world can enter this contest. I may be crazy when I think about postage costs but I'm only going to run the very special Tote Bag Contest once! So get your answers in for a chance to win!

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