Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My First/Favourite Kate Walker - Holly Jacobs - and some lovely news

A while back, I posted Donna Alward's choice of her 5 favourite Kate Walker novels. Today I'm posting my 'Third Twin' lovely Holly Jacobs' special choices.

Third twin? You've never heard of three twins? Believe me, it happens. Holly and I first 'met' over on the eHarlequin message boards. And we became so close so fast that very soon realised that we were obviously twins separated at birth. Meeting up at RWA Denver only confirmed that suspicion.

Then a couple of years ago, again on those message boards, I met Donna Alward, and we met up in person in London when she came over just after having her first book accepted. When Holly, Donna and I connected on the message boards we realised that there were in fact three of us 'twins' and we made a date to meet up all together in Washington. Which is where the photo of the 'Three Twins' (with me in white, Holly in the black jacket and Donna in the middle) was taken.

So naturally when I was planning this series of 'My Top 5' Kate Walkers, I had to ask my twin Holly. and here's what she has to say -

Wow, my first Kate Walker? I'm not sure. I think it was The Sicilian's Wife (2002), but I might be wrong, but even if I am, it's one that stands out for me!

And picking my favorites of KW's books is tough, but I'd have to pick the Alcolars, which makes three. (The Twelve Month Mistress, The Spaniard's Inconvenient Wife, Bound By Blackmail)
And of course The Sicilian's Wife--four.
And The Italian's Forced Bride!

Holly's latest book A One-of-A-Kind-Family is out in America in Super Romance on February 9th. And it's a very special read. I should know - it's right beside my bed, tempting me away from the book I'm supposed to be writing. I made the mistake of opening it, just to read the opening page . . . It has Holly's trademark of warm characters and strong emotional storyline. Now if I could just finish this Sicilian and get back to it!

For me, I will always connect Rafael's Love-Child with meeting Holly because it was with that book that I first ventured on to the message boards and Holly was one of the first to welcome me. Thanks so much twin!

You can read more about Holly on her web page or you can find her blogging on eHarlequin.
And I have a special reason for thanking Holly today because she has helped me with my really great news.
The new issue of Romantic Times Book Reviews appeared on the internet yesterday and I was thrilled to discover that my Presents EXTRA title The Konstantos Marriage Demand had been awarded 4.5 stars - and was one of the series Top Picks for March.
I'm really thrilled by this - I spent 20 + years of my 25 published ones without a single RT Top Pick and now in just over a year, I have two of them. The other was for Bedded By The Greek Billionaire. There must be something about those Greeks!

Thanks to Holly, who could get it from the RT web site, I can also bring you the review - and it's fabulous!

THE KONSTANTOS MARRIAGE DEMAND (4.5) by Kate Walker: As far as Nikos Konstantos is concerned, Sadie used him, humiliated him and then walked out on him -- on what was to be their wedding day no less. Five years later, the tables have been turned. A penniless Sadie has her work cut out for when she approaches Nikos to save her family home. Nikos intends to exact retribution against the woman he still lusts after, but where does his mysterious new bride fit into his plans? Misunderstandings and family betrayals propel this terrifically well-paced and fiery romance to its very rewarding conclusion. —Sabrina Madan
So I'm starting today with a very big smile on my face


Caroline Storer said...

Great news on you RT top pick. Well deserved IMHO! Take care. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats Kate :)

HollyJacobs said...


Fantastic on the great surprise from me, though! LOL


HollyJacobs said...

PS Thanks for mentioning my new book! This one was so very special to me!

Holly...aka one of the three twins!


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