Monday, January 25, 2010

My First/Favourite Kate Walker - Leena Hyat

Today's choice of a personal Top 5 Kate Walker novels comes from a lovely lady who has done so much to help me and my books over the years.

I first 'met' Leena Hyat through my very first web site, way back in 2000 when she wrote to tell me how much she'd enjoyed Constantine's Revenge. Since then through the various review sites etc that she's worked with, she's helped to promote my work in a way that's been totally invaluable. And now, with her own wonderful Author Sound Relations, she helps me to keep in touch with my American readers in a way that would otherwise be impossible from here in the UK.

If you've had one of my bookmarks, or my pens, entered a contest on My Tote Bag, or read a blog on Tote Bags 'N' Blogs, then Leena has been responsible for that. Right now she's working on some special pens for my 25th anniversary, and I'm looking forward to knowing what she thinks of the latest book The Konstantos Marriage Demand.

So of course I had to ask Leena when she first read a Kate Walker novel and which one it was. I'll admit that her answer surprised me. She's been reading my books a lot longer than I thought! And I think her answer shows just how international the world of writing and reading romance is. I've never been anywhere near Dubai - but my books have!

Here's Leena

I think the first Kate Walker book I read was Leap in The Dark. (1989) It was pure chance I picked it up. I was in Dubai in the back of a small little bookshop that stocked more stationery than it did books! Amidst the sci-fi and horror, I found a few romances – all M&B – and picked up this one because the blurb appealed to me. I can’t recall more than that after all these years but I do remember it was the only one I walked away with that evening

I’d say my favorite KW book is a toss between Constantine’s Revenge, Hostage Bride and Rafael’s Love-Child. I’m leaning more heavily towards the first two but I know I really liked Rafael’s book too. It’s a tough choice!

My first 5 favorite KW books would be –

Constantine’s Revenge
Hostage Bride
Rafael’s Love Child
The Twelve-Month Mistress
A Sicilian Husband

Thanks Lee. And thank you for all your help!

Lee's sites are a great place to visit - lots of information about your favourite authors, fabulous contests and great blogs - so why not take a look?

(I'm hoping that when the silver anniversary pens are done we'll be able to send them out to American readers who send in a self-addressed stamped envelope - and maybe in the UK too. So watch this space!)


Caroline Storer said...

What a great blog! Caroline x

Marilyn Shoemaker said...

Kate, I first met Lee at Writerspace and I can remember meeting you there as well sharing comments on the latest Presents we were reading.

I'm hoping to snag one of your 25th anniversary pens. Lee does such a great job on promo items.


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