Wednesday, January 06, 2010

They Grow Up So Fast . . .

Two years ago, just after Christmas, I brought home this small
<- furry creature who came to live with us, entranced everyone who met her, turned into a real Floozie and now looks like

this --->

Thirty years before that, just after Christmas I brought home
<--- this little person who has now grown up to a 6 ft 2" perfect Presents style hero, a son to be proud of who is celebrating his birthday today.
Happy Birthday Offspring! And here's hoping the snow doesn't prevent our clebration meal tonight.
One other small person I'm looking forward to watching grow up is my brand-new sponsor child. My sponsor 'daughter'. The one my readers all enabled me to help because you buy my books and I can use your 'Christmas Card' money to do this.
Because of the need to protect this little girl's privacy, unfortunately I can't share her details and her photo with you but J is 6 years old, living in an SOS Children's Village in Central African republic where SOS care for other orphaned children besides her. I'm told this little girl is a chatterbox who loves helping in the kitchen, drawing colourful pictures and participating at school.
Thank you all again for helping me help her.


Joanne Cleary said...

I love the idea of a sponsor daughter. J is very lucky to have you :-)

Anne McAllister said...

Happy birthday to The Offspring who has matured into -- you're right -- quite a lovely possibility for a romantic hero.

The Flooz is quite a romantic heroine, too -- in a flighty sort of way. She may have to mature a bit more before she gets her own book.

And congratulations on your sponsored 'daughter.' She's a fortunate little girl!

Why is my verification word: shipe?

Caroline Storer said...

J is so lucky to have you! Take care. Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

Lovely thought, Kate.

Can't believe Flora has been living with you for TWO YEARS!


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