Sunday, February 14, 2010

Here Come The Grooms Part 4

Valentine's Day seems like a very good day to announce the start of my brand new contest - so here goes -

It's back! For the fourth year running! (Can you believe this has been a tradition now for four years?)

It's February so that means it must be the traditional Here Come the Grooms Contest that I share with fabulous friends and writers Liz Fielding and Anne McAllister.

As always, we have the three grooms from 3 of our recent books to introduce to you (or re-introduce in the case of some of them) You'll hear about them and their love stories, maybe meet their heroines, find excerpts of their stories to read . . .

And then there will be the questions for you to answer. These will be found on each author's site/blog. Find the questions, discover the answers then send those answers to each author and you're in with a chance of winning

You have three chances to win - one entry at each author's site And the prizes? There are three sets of books on offer.

Each set contains:

1. Liz's prize - sorry Kal's prize (this is the Grooms' contest after all!) which is the RNA Anthology LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT (for details see Liz's blog)

2. Anne's - that is, Christo's prize which is ONE-NIGHT MISTRESS. . . CONVENIENT WIFE

3. My prize - ie Nikos' prize is THE KONSTANTOS MARRIAGE DEMAND

To be in the draw you have to send the answers to this, and the questions on Anne and Liz's blog in an email to all three of us with Here Come the Grooms in the subject line. And three lucky winners will be drawn to receive a copy of THE KONSTANTOS MARRIAGE DEMAND as well as Liz and Anne's books.

The draw will take place on March 31st so you have two weeks to get your entries in.

And the questions are:

KAL'S QUESTION (from Her Desert Dream by Liz Fielding)

What literary character did Kal remind Lydia of?

CHRISTO'S QUESTION (From One-Night Mistress. . .Convenient Wife by Anne McAllister)

Why is Natalie staying at her mother's house?

NIKOS'S QUESTION (From The Konstantos Marriage Demand by Kate Walker)

What name did Sadie use so that Nikos would not know his 10 o'clock appointment was her?

The answers to the questions can be found either on the web sites, blogs, or in the first chapter of the books using the 'Browse the Book' feature on these site and the Mills Boon and eHarlequin sites too.

Entries to each author with Here Come the Grooms in the subject line

Closing Date March 1st

After that Sid the Cat, Anne's Mitch and Micah - and whoever Liz gets to help her choose(possibly that gorgeous new granddaughter of hers) will pick out the winners and 3 of you will receive copies of these three great books.

So what are you waitng for? Get those entries in now.

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Lacey Devlin said...

Great contest :)


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