Friday, February 05, 2010

My Favourite Kate Walker - Heather Reed

Today's blogger who has chosen her very favourite Kate Walker title is another of those wonderful women whose help to me is invaluable and without whom I couldn't reach my readers worldwide as well as I do - Today's blogger is Heather Reed of We Write Romance.

Not only does Heather run my web site for me, she designed the complete revamp that brought it bang sparkling up to date a couple of years ago and she has maintained it ever since. She also designs the wonderful banners that you see at the top of the page, the special Christmas 'cards' I put on my site each year, and of course the logo for this 25th anniversary celebration.

She's fast, super-efficient and wonderfully helpful. ( Only yesterday, I realised that the details of my talk in Sheffield on Feb 15th weren't up on my Events page - an email to Heather and it was done! ) And at the same time she runs the fabulous We Write Romance web site which has grown in success and prestige in the years I've known Heather. So much so that,as I've been telling you, she was asked by Harlequin to select the special Bloggers Bundle for their ebook store in January - and I believe that there's another Reviewers' Choice on its way too. We Write Romance is a site I'm proud to write my monthly Kate's Corner blog for on the 15th of every month.

Heather also runs my husband's site which she designed too - a very different image for his very different sort of writing.

Thank you Heather - like I said - invaluable.

Well, you've seen the choice of my titles that Heather has put into the We Write Romance Presents Selection - so it will be no surprise to you which of my books Heather chose as her very favourite:

Here's what she had to say:

My personal favorite? I have loved ALL that you've sent. But my favorite, favorite would be The Twelve-Month Mistress. That's why it's in the Presents bundle! ;-) I adored The Married Mistress too, though.

Here's what I told Harlequin when I did the selections...

Kate Walker's books are true masterpieces in every form of the word. Now with well over 50 books under her belt, we see that Ms. Walker's stories have only gotten better as the years have progressed! She is definitely a true pioneer of the Harlequin Presents line, and definitely it's most recognized and celebrated author online. She's most certainly a favorite of WeWriteRomance's reviewers! And The Twelve-Month Mistress is a prime example of her work!

The Twelve-Month Mistress is one of my all-time favorite Kate Walker stories. It's sweet, romantic and very exciting from the start to the end. It drew me in and made me want to see where the couple would end up long after the book was finished. If you're not a big fan of overbearing men, then this is a book that will make you understand how there can be a nice mix of persistent man and aggressive man mixed into sweet, adoring, caring man and those qualities can be of great benefit! ;-)
Thank you for that Heather - that was exactly the feeling and the type of hero I was aiming for!
Thank you for everything, Heather!

1 comment:

lidia said...

I agree with Heather about the 12-Month Mistress. That book is still one of my top 5.

Heather must have a fun job -- working with both Kate and her "Babe Magnet."


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