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And another one . . .

I'm giving away books left right and centre at the moment - that's because I'm rounding off the celebrations for my 25th year in publishing - and I'm celebrating the USA publication of The Good Greek Wife? in Presents Extra as from next week. (Or maybe the end of this week as that's sometimes how the shops stock up on the books that come out mid-month.)

So, together with lovely Lee Hyat from My Tote Bag, I'm running a contest over on her web site too - so you can find the details here

I'm thrilled to see that The Good Greek Wife? is already heading up the bestseller list on Amazon.com, even when it's not actually released yet. And I've had some lovely reviews for this book.
Here's a taster

On We Write Romance Heather R has given it 4 stars out of 4 and says:

Brilliantly written, Kate Walker's The Good Greek Wife? is the perfect twist on the Greek myth of Odysseus. She weaves together the lost-at-sea Greek husband, Zarek Michaellis, his nasty 'step' family, and the ever-faithful wife, Penny, together into one entertaining and hard-to-put-down tale!

Zarek's past makes him driven to succeed in the family business and to make sure he has an heir to run that business should anything happen to him. So when he met and Penny and found they both wanted children, he married her. Only when his step-family start peppering her with a bit of the truth in a twisted way does she start second guessing why Zarek married her. On the eve of his departure to test a new ship, they have words and separate without finding peace. So when Zarek is supposedly killed at sea, Penny finds it hard to let anything about him go—including his company! But after two years of fruitless searching and waiting, she finally succumbs to the incessant needling of her husbands family and decides to move on with her life by having him declared legally dead. And that's when Zarek makes his reappearance!

So don't miss picking up your copy because you'll definitely enjoy seeing how the two lost lovers come back together and fight to reclaim the love they'd only just begun before Zarek was lost.

And Sarah, the reviewer for Romance Junkies says:

Penny Michaelis has not seen her husband, Zarek, in two years. His boat was captured by pirates and he was not seen again. Penny has held out hope but with Zarek's family pressing at her to declare him dead, she finally agrees. After all, it has been two years. If he was alive, he would have made it known. Unfortunately, Penny carries a load of guilt because the last time she saw Zarek, they were fighting bitterly. But before any legal proceedings begin, Zarek steps back into her life in a big way, with no warning whatsoever.

Zarek is not going to let Penny declare him dead and see his company handed over to his deceiving stepbrothers. He had hoped Penny had waited for him but it appears she is ready to move on. Can these two ever make it past two years of hurt, anger, sadness and emptiness to rekindle their marriage?

THE GOOD GREEK WIFE? is definitely high on passion and Greek intensity! The story takes place in a very condensed time but it works well for the shock and awe that comes with seeing Zarek again after assuming he is dead. Kate Walker has these two going at each other with hurt, love and anger from the get-go, but it is in preparation for the true reveal of their feelings. The emotions are so heightened in this story that it adds a lot of intensity and spirit to Zarek's and Penny's reunion. And even with the presence of the evil family in the background, Zarek was able to show Penny that he had more in mind for their reunion than a divorce.

Kate Walker ratchets up love and loss in THE GOOD GREEK WIFE?. It is a story that will put you through your paces. Zarek and Penny both feel they are the injured party in their dispute but at the same time, Kate Walker works reconciliation into the story through natural means. Penny brings him a meal after Zarek's first long day back. They still respond to each other with passion and love. But is it enough to bridge the distance between them? Homer's THE ODYESSY is cleverly worked into the story through names, places, and events but it is all given a very modern twist. Penny has put her life on hold long enough and she is ready to move on, with or without Zarek. Will that be the biggest mistake of her life? You will have to read to find out!

Thank you to both Heather and Sarah for these great reviews. They've really made my week!

I've also had some lovely emails from readers telling me how much they've enjoyed reading The Good Greek Wife? and these have meant such a lot to me. It was a real thrill to find out that this book had sold out on the MIlls & Boon site already and it's even more of a thrill to know that those of you have bought it have enjoyed it so much - that's the best news an author can have

Thank you!

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