Friday, October 29, 2010

New Edition of 12 Point Guide

I promised you a giveaway today - but it sort of got taken over . . .

Amy who organises the posts for I Heart Presents learned that I have a new edition of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance out today and she asked if I would post about it over on that site.

So today's big announcement about the third reprint of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance has moved over there today! And so has the giveaway of the copy of the brand new third edition. (But I will still get Sid to pick the winner)

Amy also asked me to share my Top Five hints about writing romance. Sorry they - and the 3rd edition - are all a bit late for this year's New Voices contest. But as Mills & Boon are planning another contest for next year the book is out in great time for you to study it and really start working on your entry for New Voices 2011 - nothing like being prepared and starting early!

Now that 2nd edition has sold out and I’ve been working on a 3rd. The third reprint of the 12 Point Guide To Writing Romance will be published today October 30th, with copies in America for November. There’s also exciting news of a possible Kindle edition coming up so watch this space. For details of the new edition (now published by Aber Publishing) watch the Writers page on my web site. This one has just been brought up to date with the new names for the lines in the UK – nothing stays the same for very long in the romance writing world!

I've been told by my publisher that the books will arrive today and that there should be copies in America for November 30th.

Any other news you'll read it here first (unless Amy asks me to post on I Heart Presents!)


Nas Dean said...

Hi Kate,

I'm eagerly waiting for the delivery of the new 3rd edition I ordered. I raised the question of taking online courses on Subcare and I was told(by Michelle Styles and Donna Alward) that buying and keeping your book is better!
Thanks for writing such a wonderful book.


Annie M said...

BIG Congratulations on a Third Edition of the 12 Point Guide!

It seems I'm forever doomed to Moderation-Land over on I Heart Presents Kate so I'm just going to go on and post my comment to you here! I know that disqualifies me from a contest entry, but no matter, I'm buying your new edition anyway :)

Commenting on your wonderful post over there:

I’m a fledgling writer, and I *think* I’ve got this right:That despite it’s changing face and a changing market, what’s really at the heart of a good romance has endured….
A believable character on an emotional journey, with reasons (the why) evident enough so the reader feels real empathy and invests in that journey too.
How could someone not feel good at the end of that? It’s 50,000 words on a legal high!

I guess the best advice for me personally, because I have trouble finishing what I start (ho hum), is that writers write. Even when they don’t feel like it. It’s a discipline as much as it’s fun.
As you say – “BICHOK”! Love it.


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