Thursday, October 14, 2010

Another contest!

As I may have mentioned, The Good Greek Wife? was a special project that my editor asked me to write for a mini-series based on the Greek Myths.

The Good Greek Wife? is now released in Presents Extra in the second half of this mini-series which in America is labelled The Greek Tycoons - legends are made of men like these.

I've had some enquiries about these books, wanting to know which other titles are included in this special mini-series. So I thought I'd let you know what the other three books are:
Released in June were:
The Power of The Legendary Greek by Catherine George
The Greek Tycoon's Achilles Heel by Lucy Gordon (now guess which myth that is based on!)

and this month (October - ie this week)

The Good Greek Wife? by Kate Walker
Powerful Greek, Housekeeper Wife by Robyn Donald

To mark the publication of The Good Greek Wife? I'm running a contest with Lee Hyat of Authorsound Relations through her special Newswire service to win copies of each of the books in the mini series. I have 3 sets of all four books to give away - if you answer the simple question I've asked, then you'll be in with a chance.

You can find the full details here. But be quick - you only have until October 17th to get an entry in.

My 25th anniversary contest is still open until October 31st though. Entries are coming in nicely and Sid the Cat is realy looking forward to helping me choose 25 winners. He may even have to enlist Flora to help him (though I doubt it). Entry details are on my Contest page.

But please - do answer the questions to enter! Just sending me your name and address isn't going to work. No answers, no entry - and no entry means there won't be a piece of paper with your name and a cat treat on it for Sid to choose from - and you wouldn't want to diasapoint a hungry cat - would you?

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